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Endgame Gear XM1 Mini Review

If you"re looking for an extremely lightweight mouse with excellent build quality, look no further than the Endgame Gear XM1 mini. It"s made from durable material, has a sturdy, symmetrical design, and is available in black. It has two main click buttons on the right side, and a pair of side buttons on the left.

The buttons on the XM1 are well-designed and feel responsive. This is especially true when you"re using the claw grip position. They"re also very tactile, with short post-travel and precise feedback. Plus, the button actuation force is quite comparable to other mice.

The cable on the XM1 isn"t as flexible as the GLORIOUS Model D cable. However, it feels light and isn"t a hassle to use. While the shape is the same, the ends of the cable are thinner and the length is shorter.

The XM1 RGB mouse comes in a black cardboard box. It has a quick start guide and dense packing foam. Besides the color options, the mouse has 14 RGB LEDs that can shine through the sides of the scroll wheel. These LEDs create a glowing effect that can be customized.

The XM1 RGB mouse is a great choice for claw grip users. As with all XM1 models, the mouse is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. There"s an ample amount of space at the base, with a wide back that is easy to grip. The mouse also has a thick, sturdy base, and two large near virgin-grade 99.5% PTFE feet.

The primary buttons are made from Kailh GM 4.0 switches. Their actuation force is rated at 60 million clicks. But since they"re rated for lower lift-off distances, they don"t have as much actuation force as the G Pro Wireless"s Kailh GM 3.5 switches.

The XM1"s optical sensor is the PixArt PMW3389, which is a popular sensor among high-end gaming mice. It has a native DPI range of 50 to 16000, and a 450 IPS tracking speed. Additionally, the optical sensor is able to adjust to various polling rates, from 125 Hz (8 ms) to 1000 Hz (1 ms). The buttons on the XM1 are very tactile, with firm, but precise feedback. A square button is located beneath the optical sensor, and it can be used to adjust DPI levels. Alternatively, the mouse has "Ripple Control" which improves smoothing at higher DPI levels.

The XM1"s software is bare bones, but it"s easy to configure the mouse"s RGB lighting. You can enable or disable the RGB lighting, adjust the speed and brightness, and set your preferred DPI and polling rate settings. In addition, the "BUTTONS" tab allows you to reconfigure the scroll wheel.

In terms of portability, the XM1 is better than the BenQ ZOWIE S2. But while the XM1 has a symmetrical body and lighter weight, the XM1r has a slightly shorter minimum lift-off distance.

Despite some minor flaws, the XM1 is an excellent option for those who need a comfortable, light, and sturdy mouse. With an improved CPI range, a more symmetrical shape, and excellent build quality, the XM1 is a must-have for gamers.