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400 U.S. dollars I turned 10,000 times HD - Li Tongyi

Editors recommendation 1. I turned 10,000 times" also talked about 100%cashbackforex forexcashbackeasy cashbackforex with stocks forex cashback easy futures can not have the superiority of foreign exchange trad cashbackforexpipg will also be as cashback forex than stocks, funds and property market investment market space and prospects of the financial way will become more and more quickly the first choice of Chinas residents to invest in the target and the current book market, the book on foreign exchange trading less 3. The author, Li Tongyi, started out from a poor fishing village and graduated from a British university with a full scholarship. After many setbacks, he began a 12-month journey of foreign exchange trading, creating a miracle with only $ 400 turned 9,997.5 times this book is attached to the authors part of the real trading record vouchers, the golden rule, including the past 10 years in the foreign exchange forum live trading results and the financial crisis before and after the results of the manipulation of the authors profile Li Tongyi, a famous foreign exchange speculator, known as the king of short term speculation stock analyst He is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, the New York Institute of Financial Management and the Insurance Institute of New York. In 2008, he was invited by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be one of the four representatives of the financial sector in the Asia-Europe Summit (ASEM). He is currently the Managing Director and Chief Economist of Hampton Investment Bank, focusing on wealth management and corporate finance. How long should you hold a stock for a job helping clients pick stocks Month 3 Killing Wall Street Killing Wall Street The Pros and Cons of the Stock Market and the Currency Market Month 4 Soros and Your Separate Soros First Class Information and Your N-Stream Information Who Can Drive the Market Starting with a Minimum of $50,000 Month 5 My Worst Experience My Worst Experience Using My Own Money to Trade Forex for 38% a Month Month Month 6 Capturing Market Trends in 9 Hours The way to double your money and make 10% a month in 9 hoursCapture market trends with technical analysisMonth 7The magic of leveraged portfolio selectionLeverage to make $50,000 on a $250,000 accountMonth 8Where to put your money in the worlds major currenciesWhere to put your money in the worlds major currenciesHow to turn a defeat into a victoryUnderstand the currency movements behind the rational use of leverage and capital volume to make moneyMonth 9The best time to tradeThe worlds largest marketThe best The best time to trade the worlds largest marketThe best time to make $1 million on a $2 million accountMonth 10History repeats itselfAnalyzing historical prices is most importantHistory repeats itselfLees Wave TheoryMonth 11Developing a trading planDeveloping a trading planSmall speculator strategiesTaking a plan to warMonth 12The security that holds more than Warren Buffett for 2 days or 200 daysThe security that trades more than Warren Buffett 7,200 times a year Or 30 times appendix forex basics forex introductory small steps forex investment new channel: global forex trading master investment forum forum introduction course introduction postscript