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A few risk management tips for newbies

If you are a newbie, your goal should cashback forex to learn as much experience as possible at minimal cost Stay in the market, learning takes a process, speed forex cashback easy not enough Implementing strict cashbackforex management right from the start will help you tremendously in your trading career Here are some risk management tips to help you For beginners, your goal should be to use small If you start trading with too much money, you may face serious cashbackforexpipes and a serious blow to your self-confidence. One of the most serious mistakes newcomers make is to try to make huge profits by trading too early, thus putting themselves under enormous pressure. Maintaining a small enough position, even 100%cashbackforex you experience a series of continuous losses, will not seriously damage your account and psychological Many people, even if they can achieve a win rate of more than 50%, but can not afford to lose six times in a row, because they lose too much forexcashbackeasy time Set the size of the position to follow two principles, the first is to be able to carry a continuous loss of many times; the second is that no matter each time or all times after the loss Many traders encounter good trading opportunities after experiencing losses, but they hesitate because their mindset and judgment are severely affected by the excessive losses they have previously taken. Many traders tend to "give a little more room for error" and expect to come back from the dead. This has two serious consequences: the first is that it increases the amount of loss and violates the trading plan and discipline; the second is that if the loss will really The second is that if the loss will really come back to life, you do the wrong thing but get rewarded, you will keep repeating the vice of taking only 1% risk each time, if the account capital is $1000, the maximum loss of each transaction is $10, if you have two transactions at the same time, then the maximum loss of each single transaction can not exceed $ 5 If the principal loss to $950, each transaction should also be 1% risk, that is 9.5 U.S. dollars, and can no longer be 10 U.S. dollars Conversely, if the account accumulates more than 1000 U.S. dollars, each time the risk should not exceed 1% in addition to the 1% risk principle, if the principal retraction too much, should also be correspondingly reduced trading risk once the principal loss of 10%, it is best to reduce the risk ratio of each transaction, such as down to 0.8% to return to the original level of risk after the capital more More forex learning - forex basics, how to speculate in foreign exchange, please visit: forex basics learning section