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A real trader only needs to do two things over and over again

  A real trader only cares about two things: 1, I buy after the trend proves cashback forex I am right how to do?  2, I bought after the trend proved me wrong forexcashbackeasy how to do?  The only thing you can use forex cashback easy the consistency of the cashbackforexpip rules, which allows you to stand on the big number side of the probability game. Profit is cashbackforex obtained by your prediction of the 100%cashbackforexs win rate, but relies on the fact that when you are wrong you lose as little as possible, and when you are right you earn as much as possible. When the trend is in your favor, you must be greedy and let profits run; when the trend is against you, stop fantasizing and cut off losses When is the general direction of the market clear? At any time is not clear! Any time the market is to take their chips to bet out, although many friends never think they are gambling, it is only that the probability is large, not considered gambling In fact, no one knows how tomorrow will go, trading is to place bets, with a definite cost gambling uncertain profits, only when the fatal risk comes to stay away; when the risk is controllable, the future is worth a glimpse My trading most of the time are is to plan my trading, trading my plan: after the bell to see the trend according to the rules to determine how to do, trading time to do is just to trade according to the rules If you want to trade in the time of volatility, consider those where to buy or sell the problem, I believe that many times, I agree will also let themselves overwhelmed I never think that the specific point of purchase in the transaction occupies much of a role, only the pursuit of small profits buy orders to pursue Specific buy point, non-pursuit swing trading too much focus on the specific buy point, will not be worth the loss, will lose more opportunities and profits buy the specific point will not be the focus of my trading, I look at the day and before the trend every day after the bell, with experience to determine a direction, to find a price zone that I think is appropriate, and then buy to hold I never spend a lot of energy to study the price will actually be in a few cents How many points to stop, but there are many friends stressed how important the specific buy point in their trading If the exact buy point in your trading occupies a very critical position, if you are not in pursuit of micro profit swing operation, then it only means that you simply do not know what the trading strategy is, you do not even understand how the market trend is generated, let alone know what you want to operate Someone on Wall Street once The result was that the winning rate of the pupils was overwhelmingly higher than those who had been trading for several years. The reason why you take the precise buying point so seriously is that these are the reasons: 1, you always want to buy at the lowest point, buy on the profit, can not stand the normal price retracement; 2, you think Stop loss is a disaster, so you always set the stop loss very small Just you ignore that an area to buy, a little higher or lower importance is far less important than not buying more important But, how many people because in front of the probability of rising, in order to pursue the exact price and missed opportunities The most idiotic people in the world, is the kind of people who think they have found the truth that others can not find, I never have the luxury of buying at the lowest point, sell In the highest point Many people are unable to achieve the overall increase in capital, one of the keys lies in his inability to withstand the retraction of the floating profit, in fact, the floating profit is not your profit at all, and no one wants the profit retraction Because of the retraction and the loss of some profits, but also because of the retraction and grasp a greater profit, which is an integral part of the trend, my trading has been very accustomed to it The amount of loss is their own can control, profits need the support of the market my buy or sell is not their own thinking, but let the actual trend to decide to buy or sell, at no time I will not let myself be passive, and I never pursue the perfect transaction No matter what rules you use as a trading model, you have to consider one thing, that is, this rule strategy, placed in a relatively long period of time is not able to achieve the capital equity of growth, rather than taking the chance of a few isolated trading days or a particular trade, as the basis for your trading!  I will not adjust their own trading rules for a particular market, the only way is to stick to their own rules, regardless of how the market, keep their own bottom line, keep the consistency of trading rules, not all quotes in your trading rules should be profitable, this you must understand, be sure to accept The so-called consistency is that you do at all times in accordance with their own rules: the market and the outside world to you no interference, unless there is a significant loss within the rules. Unless there is a substantial loss within the rules of hindsight, the definition of consistency is that as long as you stick to your own, not to be confused by others and the market, the market will sooner or later reward In my trading can not do up and down without being surprised, idle watching the flowers in front of the plate, trading a very good senior once told me, at any time as long as you do not let the money appear a significant retraction, while in the The market will reward you sooner or later, even if it is very slow. Now I deeply believe, and do not know that this reward more than once A mature trader will not think that trading has a unique secret, even the most profitable trading strategy has long been public, rotten street, can resist the temptation of all the time and adhere to their beliefs, is the only difference between winners and losers, there is no secret to the rest  Before and after there are many friends, told me all kinds of difficulties, want to get some profits through trading I told her all my trading strategy, where I buy she also knows and also buy there, my trading is completely transparent to her, but for a period of time our trading results are very different because she is always tempted to lose themselves in the ubiquitous market, can not stand the fluctuations, either worry about not buying and buy early This is the deal, do not always think that people who make money have any unique secrets to close the door to count the money this market has existed for hundreds of years, any feasible or infeasible profit method has long been studied thoroughly, you can no longer find any even a little bit of the previous people did not explore things, so do not think you have anything If I say that the stock market risk is higher than the risk of the futures market, someone will say that the risk of the futures market is higher than the risk of the stock market If I say that the stock market risk is not as high as the risk of the futures market, someone will say that the risk of the futures market is higher than the risk of the stock market Volatility comes from the market, but the risk is not from the market, but from your trading, from your control of risk or not in the low risk market, without control of risk, the risk will be infinitely magnified. The risk will be infinitely magnified in the high risk market, know how to control the risk, the risk will be greatly reduced control the market and then can not control their own transactions, there is no greater risk than your hands Whether it is a strategy or a plan, once the implementation must be strictly enforced, because only when the off-site development strategy you are in a relatively objective, once you are in the field you lose the rational judgment, the only way at this time The only way is to implement the established strategy every day in the market to make random decisions, then all your previous price and trading experience can not help you, this time a veteran and just entered the novice no difference, are blind and fluke Let trading simple, too many factors affecting the market who do not know exactly which factor will play a role, follow the market catching wind that is Be stock fried to make their own trading simpler, according to their own way to trade, this is speculation, this is life!