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Foreign exchange intraday trading strategy the advantages and disadvantages of short term trading analysis and intraday trading two trading methods

forexcashbackeasy forex cashback easy cashbackforex the eternal theme of foreign exchange cashbackforexpip futures and other derivatives about intra cashback forex trading mixed reviews, controversial, but in no way change it is one of the most important and mainstream trading strategy intraday trading many advantages, there are also many disadvantages to avoid the shortcomings, take its strengths, good foreign exchange intraday trading, stable earnings Today, I am completely practical, from the analysis of the summary of foreign exchange day trading The advantages of foreign exchange day trading Day trading is a trading model, mainly refers to the short position time, do not stay overnight 100%cashbackforex trading method trading frequency, to a few single to dozens of single a day ranging from day trading to capture the opportunity to enter the market immediately after the transaction out of the cost of entry, see good, fast The advantages of intraday trading are obvious First, the markets intraday short-term fluctuations in opportunities to 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes cycle for the entry point of trading opportunities abound plus CFDs product variety, so that all varieties of opportunities can be found Second, intraday trading can be designed as a trading factory and assembly line model, so that trading teams, capital management The companys trading scale, process, operability is stronger Third, intraday trading mode can effectively lock short-term trading objectives, so that trading becomes a clear pursuit and assessment indicators Fourth, intraday trading can lock the risk in accordance with the capital and point forced intraday stop loss, allocation of funds operating ratio, quantitative position, the implementation of risk control is stronger Intraday trading of Disadvantages Despite the many advantages of intraday trading, it is subject to a lot of controversy mainly because: 1, intraday trading belongs to the short term trading and frequent trading, which is a very demanding thing, the probability of risk is greater Short term and frequent trading, for trading techniques and concepts have high requirements it to the level of to be high, to be stronger than the medium and long term trading to do short term trading, the Either technical analysis first-class, or strict operational discipline, the two always have to account for a head, or short term frequent trading will undoubtedly lose Intraday trading single is easy to be trapped because of the frequency of day trading, trapped is the norm, constantly trapped, unsettled, is the mainstream behavior of day trading even if the short term technology powerful traders, but also need to often face the situation of trading trapped stop loss and unsettling, is the day Traders face a major challenge, especially in the rapid and violent fluctuations in the market frequent stop losses will lead to losses, unsettlement carelessness is easy to lead to huge losses objectively speaking, the probability of such cases is not small small gains and losses, on average, every three days may occur once a deep set of circumstances, in the case of non-stop loss which requires day trading manipulation architect, from the overall situation to design the risk control mechanism 2 The day trade requires a long time to stare at the plate, consuming energy, pressure is not small, not good for health long time to stare at the plate on physical exertion, physical health costs are also important costs of forex trading never which common business or hobby, like forex trading, the potential damage to physical health is so great mental stress, fatigue, losses and exuberance on the mental impact, are to Very important How to control good day trading, day trading two trading methods Yang strengths and avoid shortcomings, good day trading from the trading method, there are two kinds of day trading, respectively, brush single and brush net value First, day trading brush single trading, short term fast in and out, essentially to do commission-based, supplemented by control net value of the absolute retracement and short-term intraday retracement range brush a single general holding time in 1-2 minutes, short not more than 10 seconds, the longest generally not more than 10 minutes intraday speculation single capture after entering the market can immediately get out of the entry cost of trading opportunities, after entering the market if not immediately profitable, ready to quickly leave the market because of this type of trading in the market time is short, so the risk of market volatility is lower of course, this is only the basic brush single method It faces a problem, that is, too many stop-loss single, we have to assess whether it is appropriate to stop loss often leave the field There is also a brush single method, not to talk about stop loss to leave the field, but the use of Martin plus position, with a miniature Martin to solve the situation of the set single and so on the net value of the set all unset, and then close the position at once so that you can control the net value of the retraction, while also earning a commission this method is what we often call a small stop Earnings, big stop loss way micro Martin do intraday trading, the core point of attention is: control the position, the super light position is the main say 10,000 U.S. dollars under 0.02 hand bottom position, four single entry, the maximum eight single, multi-species distribution, control the total position such micro Martin can prevent the market big reversal was deep set In the mode of trading pipeline, I advocate in accordance with this way to To carry out bulk intra-day trading that trading pipeline is divided into two ways: fast-in and fast-out type brush single, and micro Martin type brush single these two are small positions to control the net worth retracement based on the high frequency to obtain commission-based earnings, incidentally to make a certain net value Second, intra-day trading brush net value trading, to intra-day short term trend single mainly, in essence, to do the net value of the main Small Swing trend trading, to technical analysis of the entry point shall prevail, the normal stop-loss and stop gain, trading frequency does not have to be too much, a day to seize the higher certainty of the trend, under a few single can, the main do net value growth