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Foreign exchange investment to establish the correct short term trading concept

The so-called trad 100%cashbackforexg concept, that cashbackforex, the short cashback forex traders own underst cashbackforexpiping of the philosophical level of the foreign forex cashback easy forexcashbackeasy in general, such a concept is often the trader through experience and experience, after thinking deeply and distilled to the essence of foreign exchange fluctuations run rational point of view  concept is the foundation, systematic analysis and trading only after a full experience of the concept can When you have formed their own unique understanding of the nature of foreign exchange, the next technical research and analysis and trading systematization is even set the tone, everything is based on the concept and the development of this article is to discuss the short term, the analysis and description of the relevant topics are based on the short term trading strategy So on the short term, we should establish what kind of concept?  (a) the market is unpredictable, the market sector trend is still difficult to predict how many people involved in the exchange market, there are many people predict the market, the market can be predicted? If the market can be predicted, how will there be so many foreign exchange people from the large market index in 07 6124 points all the way down the set, the U.S. index intercepted and then chopped off, and finally the U.S. index retraced to 1664 points before the stabilization rebound so that long-term investors holding currency pairs heavy losses Why predict the market after the experts do not prompt the risk of a large market retracement around 6000 points (see the trend of the market is difficult to predict) Watch financial program, the host of the live exchange market analysis experts to predict the market index tomorrow is up or down, why several experts opinions will be divergent? Some experts are bullish? Some experts are flat? Some experts are bearish? Are authoritative analysts, why will produce such a big difference, we should listen to who in the end, is the market tomorrow a day out of three results, is simply ridiculous of course, the exchange rate tomorrow will only have three trends, either up, either down, or flat sure that one of the analysts will guess the wrong analyst will come out of their own wrong analysis and prediction, and guess the right analysts will The analysts who guessed right will boast about their analysis and prediction, and even blow their bull to the sky (what is the significance of such market prediction) Ask the experts to be optimistic about the market, why at the same time, ask the same question some experts are optimistic about the European and American currency pairs? Some experts are optimistic about the U.S. and Japanese currency pairs? The market will start these sectors together? Directly push the market index straight pull up and fly? (It can be seen that the market is unpredictable, the market will be the first to start, it is still difficult to predict which can be concluded that predicting the market or the market after a prediction of a plate, will only waste our limited time, the opposite) (B) Long-term profit model Not the market is unpredictable, investors will not be able to profit in the actual operation, in the short term profit model before the actual operation, first and We explain the long term profit model as we all know, short term by gambling, long term by covering in the end long term how to cover the stock to be possible to gain, of course, there must be certain methods or operational skills, if the exchange rate rise in the short term or a long time has risen too much, or the exchange rate from the lowest price level, the exchange rate has risen by more than 10 times, this time involved in long-term cover shares, I am afraid that the bull and bear rounds in the currency market, involved in holding foreign exchange It is not surprising that the investors after the market losses are heavy The bull and bear cycle in the currency market, in general, the currency market up for a long time will fall, down for a long time will rise, so investors in the exchange rate after a long-term sharp decline in intervention, and long-term hold currency pairs after the market is likely to get excess returns Today and we explain a long-term hold currency pairs, and the future is likely to get a stable income of a method due to the long-term sharp decline in the exchange rate after the Foreign exchange still belongs to a large level downtrend, so even if you want to do long term hold foreign exchange, you can not all the funds to buy a foreign exchange, once the currency pair after the market due to some reason exit, investors can only regret late the best way is to reduce the risk of holding foreign exchange through the equal division of funds specific operation method, investors can divide the funds into eight points and then involved in eight sharp decline, preferably each foreign exchange are The decline of more than 80%, and then quietly wait for each foreign exchange delisting, if the currency pair does not delist, in the currency pair up above the double in the consideration of exit the currency market up for a long time will fall, down for a long time will rise, it is not possible to eight foreign exchange all delisted, but most foreign exchange will be a phoenix, after the market rose amazing even if eight foreign exchange in two foreign exchange unfortunately delisted and the other six up more than double the foreign exchange can still let you Get excess earnings (of course, this is only the long term hold foreign exchange, profit mode in a, and the need for investors to have a strong belief in holding foreign exchange, which I can not do) (C) short term operation, active foreign exchange-based short term operation from the theoretical point of view, belong to gambling behavior, of course, short term by gambling, everyone knows, but gambling has a gambling method gambling point must be a large increase in the probability of a larger, once the success of the rise The exchange rate is likely to accelerate the rise, continuous pull-up position short term gambling is also not possible to gambling In general, ultra-short term operation should choose the circulation market value of small currency pairs, while the trend is more active, the best the currency pair does not move like pull-up, and intervention of the day the trend of the exchange rate should be with the volume of price relationship has a strong upward trend to start signs, after the intervention, the exchange rate is sharply upward, and even the same day it is possible Short-term gambling is also short term gambling, the fight is likely to continuous stop at the precise point (d) short term operation must set a stop loss level casino gambling there are losses and wins, the same short term operation in the currency market, although the short term operation gambling is very likely to continuously pull up the foreign exchange, the fight is the precise buy point but then the high technical analysis, there are right and wrong, and can not be 100% correct so short term set stop loss level becomes Especially important, especially the short term is not stop loss after the hedge, to long term hold foreign exchange, is guilty of short term operation of the foreign exchange market because of the short term operation of the foreign exchange, the trend are very active investors should understand that the exchange rate up active, down equally active not to mention that most of the active shares in line with the short term operation in the exchange rate uptrend in the exchange rate relative high, once the gambling failure investors may buy in the exchange rate The stage of the high point, the market once the unfortunate pullback, the fall will be deeper, investors are likely to lose a lot of money, or long-term set So short term operations, must be strictly set stop-loss level, and firm implementation, my stop-loss level from the purchase price calculation, down four points must be stopped while holding foreign exchange time cycle is generally calculated from the day of intervention, three days not up or down should be out, the most hold foreign exchange Cycle can not be more than a week because we fight is the precise point, buy because the currency pair has started to stop signs, or continuous signs of pull up before considering intervention, since the buy within three days after no continuous sharp rise, that our judgment has been wrong decisive change currency pair operation is the best choice (e) short term fill positions is the most stupid behavior because the above part four, in line with the short term operation Most of the foreign exchange appeared in the currency price uptrend acceleration on the way up, and in the high technical analysis, there is only a probability of right and wrong, the error is inevitable, so in the operation of short term active foreign exchange often have to chase the phenomenon of high, the market once the exchange price retracement, often retracing deeper, and may even buy in a foreign exchange bull and bear round the head And the fourth part of the above mentioned, we buy because the currency pair The day may pull up or short-term may be a continuous sharp pull up, we will choose to buy and buy after the exchange rate does not rise but fall, already indicate that we have made a mistake in judgment, in the case of error in judgment in the operation to fill positions, will only make us wrong on the wrong more passive, once the currency market all the way down the shock to a large level downtrend, investors can have how much money to fill positions, I am afraid that will only make their own dilemma, and a heavy loss. Losses are heavy, and most likely to make the short term into a long term, and ultimately regret it, the operation itself is a short term thinking, want to fast in and fast out, fast profit results a foreign exchange on the years to do the final loss of miserable so, follow me to learn to operate short term strong stock investors, bear in mind that the short term chase high is not terrible terrible is to chase high after not stop loss, more terrible is to chase high after not only do not fill positions, but passively add positions, the Wrong on the wrong, attempting to unwind by adding positions to spread low cost, once the exchange rate unfortunately cut off, is not trapped in their own and unkind and unjust