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Foreign exchange margin trading platform introduction

foreign exchange margin forexcashbackeasy 100%cashbackforex introduction to the general public has cashback forex been unfamiliar, we usually say that speculation refers to foreign exchange margin trading, cashbackforex can be foreign exchange margin trading platform up to a dozen, for just joining the foreign exchange investment friends, how to choose a suitable trading platform for themselves?  1, the cashbackforexpips name: the United States Carlson Group Other features: the platform integrates news, comments, graphics, etc. But as with all web platforms, its graphics can not be good its position management function forex cashback easy not too good The biggest advantage of this platform is stability, fast order placement Comprehensive evaluation: the strength of the United States Carlson Group and the companys degree of regulation are quite good, high capital security its platform stability and order placement speed is good The spread is higher, the account opening and withdrawal procedures are slightly more complicated 2, the company name: IFXMarketsInc Other features: platform with timely news default trading unit 10K, the commission of $1.25 / 10K has a trailing stop function Comprehensive evaluation: IFXMarkets spread is relatively small, but the addition of $1.25 / 10K commission after the transaction costs and other companies The platforms features and other companies compared to no particular advantage but the company has an office in Shanghai, for domestic customers to deal with many issues more convenient 3, the company name: CMS Other features: the platforms graphics function is very good, powerful, there is a stop-loss order to ensure the implementation of the policy, these are very beneficial to customers operations Comprehensive evaluation: cms from Security of funds, spreads, platform features, customer trading conditions and many other aspects are the best in the world, from a professional point of view its vt platform graphics function is better than mt but the stability of the link is worse than mt If this problem is solved, this company should be a good choice to do margin 4, company name: FXCM Other features: platform graphics function is okay, graphics in general The platform sometimes has the phenomenon of slippage, the platform has timely news Comprehensive evaluation: FXCM as one of the worlds largest foreign exchange margin trading retailers, the companys qualifications and other issues let people still relatively assured, but its trading conditions are set, but there are many disadvantages to customers especially its branches around the world too much, the operating costs are relatively large, which is not a small risk to the company in addition to its branches in Hong Kong and Japans branches increased spreads and fees, the margin ratio is also increased, it is recommended to go directly to the companys headquarters to open an account 5, company name: FXDD (FXDirectDealer) Comprehensive evaluation: FXDD is the foreign exchange business unit of TraditionGroupCompany, according to our verification is not an independent foreign exchange brokerage company so that its customers The safety of funds by the parent company can not be disregarded (similar to Ruifu) the companys only advantage is that the spread is small other aspects of the market is not competitive 6, the company name: MG Financial Group Other features: news and simple charts, spreads medium level, basically nothing special Comprehensive evaluation: MG is one of the worlds first foreign exchange margin brokers, but its trading conditions The setting of the trading conditions has not been much improvement medium transaction costs, although the NFA records on the record of Chinese complaints, but the content of the complaint is not the fault of the company companys credibility no problem Overall, small capital investors choose mg meaning not big capital investors can consider 7, the company name: FXSolutions Other features: its platform set timely news and comment icons and many other features in one Overnight interest rate calculation close to the actual bank interest rate platform stability, trading speed is the most characteristic is to have a trailing stop function Comprehensive evaluation: (FXSOLUTIONS) its various aspects are not bad, is one of the worlds comprehensive trading conditions better foreign exchange dealers regardless of the size of the capital, personal or corporate accounts, FXSolutions is a good choice 8, the company name: Telford comprehensive Evaluation: Other features: MT4.0 platform: stable, never offline, easy to use the industrys highest evaluation Comprehensive evaluation: Telford is also considered an old foreign exchange margin traders in 2005 after the platform changed to mt4, the overall trading conditions are much better spread down is the margin ratio is only 100 times less favorable to small capital opening and withdrawal is quite convenient Shanghai has an agent called Telford Asia In addition, we have two points to pay special attention to when choosing a trading platform: first of all, the company should be regulated, can be found in the official website regulatory information must be the official website, not the brokers own website, if the company is regulated, the regulatory number and information are transparent, note that the Hong Kong regulated companies can only magnify 20 times, if someone tells you that Hong Kong regulation, but the magnification multiplier 100 times, it must not be regulated, and you sign a contract with the name of the company to be exactly the same as the name of the regulatory website, remittance account should also be the same as the name of the company you opened the account book Currently, the United Kingdom and the United States have such regulatory bodies