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Foreign exchange retail market

What is the cashbackforex forex cashback easy retail 100%cashbackforex Foreign exchange retail market, also known as the customer market, refers to the bank cashbackforexpip individual and corporate customers between the foreign exchange trading behavior and place banks in foreign exchange transactions with customers play an intermediary role, on the one hand, from customers to buy foreign exchange, on the other hand, foreign exchange sold to customers, from which to earn the difference between foreign exchange trading, but also the bank to provide foreign exchange services to customers business, is The foreign exchange market exists on the basis of the foreign exchange retail market business Trading customers are mainly industrial and commercial enterprises and institutions, importers and exporters, individuals, etc., due to international trade, international investment and other aspects of the need to buy and sell foreign exchange with the bank, constituting the basic business of the foreign exchange market The foreign exchange retail market is mainly a retail market, retail business mainly includes: the bank and individuals and companies customers between the foreign exchange transactions, including Currency exchange, import and export cashback forex and foreign exchange trading individuals, companies usually deal directly with the bank customer market to sporadic transactions, no minimum transaction amount restrictions, each transaction is more fragmented, the volume of transactions is relatively small; transaction costs are relatively high, the difference between buying and selling large foreign exchange retail market conditions In the foreign exchange retail market, banks operate such business: 1, subject to prior approval by the foreign exchange management department, to obtain the settlement of foreign exchange sales 2, must comply with the settlement and sale of foreign exchange position limit management regulations, the settlement and sale of foreign exchange positions in excess of the limit through the interbank foreign exchange market in a timely manner to close 3, must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the exchange rate management to develop and publish the listed exchange rate, for customers for the settlement and sale of foreign exchange business 4, must establish an independent settlement and sale of foreign exchange accounting accounts, to fulfill the settlement and sale of foreign exchange statistics, settlement and sale of foreign exchange position statistics, large transactions for the record and other Related statistical obligations