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Foreign exchange trading have to know 20 things

some foreign exchange knowledge, you may not orig cashback forexally underst cashbackforex, but to be profitable in the financial forexcashbackeasys forex cashback easy, you have to figure out these cashbackforexpipsues there 100%cashbackforex some some foreign exchange trading truths that you must understand, here we go: 1.Forex is the abbreviation of ForeignExchange (foreign exchange), meaning to Foreign exchange market is the worlds largest and most liquid financial market, at present, its daily trading volume of about 5.1 trillion dollars 2. The foreign exchange market belongs to the over-the-counter market, that is, there is no fixed trading place foreign exchange trading mainly using the network as well as other electronic systems for supply and demand is the basis of foreign exchange trading, with this relationship, in order to carry out trading in the real interbank market, the foreign exchange trading system will be banks, brokers, insurance companies, investment funds, companies and investors together 3. Financial market participants usually use changes in market conditions to gain profits, or to hedge business risks (hedging) but there is a special category of participants governments and central banks, both use the financial markets to intervene in the currency and develop Monetary policy 4. Speculative traders will use a variety of trading systems algorithmic trading systems and high frequency trading systems; intraday strategies, volatility strategies, and long term strategies long term trading strategies are usually based on fundamental analysis we can classify retail traders into manual and automated strategies 5. Trading is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week because it is not affected by Stock company quarterly statements, people believe that forex trading is one of the fairest forms of investment in the world Whether the market is up or down, you can make money 6. Some traders suggest that forex trading is a zero-sum game True, because any buyer needs to have a corresponding seller in order to execute orders However, if there is no conflict of interest between you and the broker, all customer orders are placed by the broker Throw in the real interbank foreign exchange market, then you can profit by trading in the financial markets The main problem is not that forex trading is considered a zero-sum game, but that there is a conflict of interest between small retail traders and brokers 7. According to financial market statistics, only 15% of trading is done through companies, governments and central banks, and the remaining 85% of trading is aimed at making profits through Market volatility for profit London, New York, Tokyo and Sydney are the worlds major financial centers, each with its own trading hours, with London executing up to 40% of the trades 8. In the chart below, the true hierarchy of the foreign exchange market can be viewed from the perspective of a typical retail trader As a trader, to profit from trading in the financial markets, the most important thing is to have to pick a good broker   9. The more trading you do and the shorter the trading cycle, the more opportunities you have to compete with the most modern high-frequency trading systems and you need to keep up with the development of these technologies These high-frequency traders usually need to utilize some sort of automated trading means intraday trading, volatility trading or long term trading more suited to manual orders 10. High trading volume of Bank and institutional orders are often executed at psychological levels (100,150, 1.0000, 1.1000, etc. integers) In addition, high volume orders are often executed at important price points market lows or highs, so traders often set multiple stops 11. If commercial expert advisors (automated trading systems), paid trading systems, indicators, or services and so-called experts claim to help you get hundreds or even thousands of percent profit, do not believe them this is an absolute waste of money these services completely defy logic if these people really have a system that can be profitable, they do not need to sell you at all 12. If you need paid forex services, the following are useful: customized for your exclusive automatic If you trade on the MT4 platform, then these services are available at low cost from the community and many of the reference indicators, automated trading systems and trading scripts on are free if your broker wants to help customers get profitable, then it will be willing to provide you with free coding services  13. It is said in many places that the most important factors for successful trading are psychology, money management and trading systems These factors are important, but more important is the choice of broker; this determines whether you will ultimately be profitable, and if you choose a low-quality broker, you will miss a good opportunity to make a profit 14. Forex trading is a zero-sum game Any buyer needs a corresponding seller, but this is not the traders The main reason financial market traders lose money is because of a conflict of interest with a market maker, ECN or STP broker 15. Spreads on the interbank market are not fixed If you trade with fixed spreads, then you are certainly not trading on the real interbank market 16. For traders who are new to the industry, high leverage ratios and account opening The bonus is the most common marketing distraction, and these cause them to quickly lose their first trading account to nothing 17. For many novice forex traders, brokerage advice and investment recommendations are also a quick path to disaster 18. Slippage in trade execution has both positive and negative aspects However, most brokers who execute customer The slippage that occurs when trading is negative 19. Only after trading on a real trading account will you learn if the broker is good or bad 20. Trading strategies that have been used in a demo account will show different trading results in a real account