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Foreign exchange trading in the right-hand side of the transaction

cashbackforex the cashback forex of the market all the homeopathic transactions belong to the cashbackforexpip-h 100%cashbackforex forexcashbackeasy of the transaction market trend in the direction of all the least res forex cashback easytance is the direction of the trend all the right-hand side of the transaction to the trend is indeed the premise of the main force to do its best to create his right-hand side of the price competitors left-hand side of the three classifications due to the different levels of the market, can be identified (or described) as three types of entry, respectively, safe, trial and error, risk-type entry The importance of trial-and-error, risk-based entry: safe preferred, trial-and-error second, risk-based second (based on the size of the capital, leverage, different financing capacity and can be re-ordered in short, everything is a dialectical view for traders to use flexibly) the premise of the right side in the chart to confirm the premise of the right side, in the price pattern as a reversal and the construction of the homeopathic pattern, in terms of wave theory is to push the wave The five waves and adjustment waves of the sawtooth shape, that is, the main rising wave 3 waves and large C wave main form for the guide wedge and the final wedge, homeopathic head and shoulders and two-way return to the same chart homeopathic head and shoulders guide wedge and the final wedge gold trend chart example Part II wave theory based on the right side of the main rising wave trading skills profit wave market description and reveal whether to Elliotts 8 wave up and down cycle to divide or to the Eastern philosophical thought The practical use of wave theory to do the development of its theory wave theory is summarized as two points first: through the overall wave structure of the market fluctuations, find the main wave, that is, the trend will also develop, to figure out the general direction of the operation second: easy to step on the rhythm of the market, easy to know the timing Although there is wisdom, it is better to take the momentum; although there is hoe, it is better to wait for the time more conducive to waiting for the opportunity to move 3 waves and big C waves without 3 waves of the trend are not formed, the trend After the formation of the trend will not easily change, the right side of the position is also bound to be closely related to the 3 waves in the trend to open positions in line with the trend, it will be able to solve our concerns about the risk of holding positions If you are worried about your position shows that you one may be too heavy position, the second is counter-trend trading big C wave is in a large adjustment in the space of a large profit-making wave is the adjustment market in the 3 waves C wave sawtooth 3 waves before the drive wave five waves third part of the path of least resistance The teachings of Jesse Livermores Greatest Hits For ease of understanding, lets say that price, like everything else, will follow the path of least resistance Price will take the easiest path, so if the resistance to rise is less than the resistance to fall, price will rise, and vice versa Traders always stick to their speculative sharpshooter - also is to wait for the line of least resistance to determine itself We say that price, like everything else, will proceed along the line of least resistance Price will take the easiest path, so if there is less resistance to rise than to fall, price will rise, and vice versa What Im saying here is that whenever ** with my own judgment of the line of least resistance made to determine the direction of the market, my experience has been that ( unexpected events will always follow my market direction, that is, unexpected or unforeseen events always assist the market direction I make stock prices are never too high to buy, or too low to sell price itself has nothing to do with what we determine the line of least resistance If you trade the way I say, you will find that in actual conditions, the stock market closes and the next day Any important news that occurs between the closing and opening of the stock market, usually in line with the path of least resistance before the news is released, the trend has been established, in the long market, the negative news will be ignored, the positive news will be exaggerated, and vice versa path of least resistance snowball choose a high slope wet snow, and then buy after the price is below the value of its theoretical idea is the right side of the position to open a breakout position or another shoulder to open a position are right The right side of the right side of the chart in the method of opening a chart in the right side of the second right side of the trading idea of the progression of the right side of the level level is the technical analysis to be considered, but also the value of investment to be considered had the view that the processing of the level is the touchstone of technical analysis, the level of processing is not good everything can not be applied to the form of the same only figure out the level of the right side can be handled well, to understand the trend, to understand the real The right side, in order to make it easier for everyone to grasp, will be the way to ask and answer questions to deal with this particularly important fundamental question what is the level, the meaning and importance of the level, the characteristics of the level of transformation, the right side of the oscillation, the development of the right side, the right side of the start-up market, the hypothetical right side of the starting market, made into the left side of the counter-trend (chaos or clarity of the right side). What is the level, the meaning and importance of level level is another way of saying trend, is to go corresponding to the relative certain time frame of the space fluctuations (including the magnitude of fluctuations, process), so there are large level, small level so to delineate the volatility of the market large level refers to the volatility, the trend of a long time, large profits, operating conditions more strategy; small level refers to the volatility of small, short time, in and out to be flexible, bias Tactics mega level is Warren Buffett said permanent hold, ( those are a hundred-year enterprise, hundreds of years of viability, to culture and beliefs like having the vitality Therefore, to clearly determine the price of the market late in the participation of how much profit, how to regulate the standard of action, exit conditions and a number of other issues, must be put in the first place level of confusion level, all the actions of the transaction will lose the logic that supports the action, which is the meaning and importance of the level level of the problem is difficult, but is the first lesson of good trading, this lesson will not learn, and ultimately can not be competent to trade the level of this problem is clear to financial traders divided into 1% and 99% level conversion characteristics of the development of the market is the level of conversion after the release of power, this release process Any stage is the right side, it is unfolded with a variety of forces large and small, generally known as the development of the right level conversion process is the formation of the right side of the process, we generally call the right side of this process for the oscillation right this oscillation right that is the long and short forces anxiously contested position, that is, the price competition is the place or the way the range oscillation is to determine the market is empty to kill more or more to kill the empty price competition of everything The process will be reflected in the chart (the process of business improvement expansion and development in the financial data and management of the management), so mastering the conversion characteristics is significant this in some theories have stressed, such as the third buy and sell point in the theory of entanglement, such as wave theory in the guide wedge, such as the wine field method of warfare in the conversion process which will certainly have a force is the main, playing a leading, decisive role, the other The other is in a secondary and subordinate position to go all out to find its main force, catch this main force, all problems will be solved the following chart as an example to illustrate the details of the oscillation right through 17 months, the longer the time, the greater the space, the greater the later development if the trend concept into, then only after the trend out to see clearly, the oscillation right if not the main force is not required to operate, that is Retail short term operators of the death of the right in such a 4-year oscillation, there is no big trend if it is speculation, then the feasible operation is short term in our previous definition said: all the right-hand side of the transaction is predicated on the trend when the trend is not very obvious here, then there is nothing homeopathic trading and the above chart is a level conversion process, also known as the right side of the oscillation oscillation As in the above two charts, the right side of the oscillation to the oscillation in the price of the path of least resistance to determine is the price of power in a direction higher or lower, all transactions are clear to this when this point is not clear, then the transaction done is not what the right side of the transaction, that is, the risk-based left side of the transaction without the basis of first win will certainly face trouble and failure in the development of the right side of the level of the end of the transition to bring the market The development of the corresponding pre-level, the formation of the dialectical relationship in the market trend market in the development of any retracement and breakthrough of the entry is the development of the right, are the best opportunity to buy or add positions as shown: some friends say: to do a large trend stop loss to large, light position this view is not valid in the gold 2013 to 2017 trend, position in light can not make money, because there is no trend we have been criticizing The so-called probability and win rate good fighter, win in easy win also probability and win rate is gambling we are looking at the development of gold right gold and the SSE index of 6000 points market tells us the trend to come, the size of the cycle are the same do more small cycle absolutely no deviation from the large cycle out of the counter trend small cycle absolutely like the large cycle like the hefty Yangtze River water potential is to the west of the development of the right of the mystery is that you drink every A drop of water is to the east of every minimum cycle you open a position should be the direction of the smallest path to help so the retailers advantage is that he can do small cycles, not that doing a large cycle requires a large stop loss If the right side is established, it must be that you are expected to make money after buying, if not, it is the right side is not established, you do the reverse of the left side thus there is no such thing as saying that doing a large cycle requires a large stop loss trend is not divided into cycles, homeopathic The right is not divided into levels, risk control is not divided into sizes to start the right side of the market top, the market broke a new low in the plunge; bottom, the market in a small rise in the new high above the four charts we can see that the start of the market are in the small rise to start to reach the development of the market is characterized by the market to rise in the direction of the gradual panning drive, until the end of this development potential the same we can see the development of the market and the previous support Resistance line correlation is small, but to their own development logic to advance until this force fails and the market in the development process of the development of the right is the right side of the beginning of the market start of the hypothetical right due to the right side is not clear, so always guess the top guess the bottom made the left side of the counter-trend one is due to like to do oscillation right, the first into the field, in the trend of the relay oscillation in the death of the second is itself like to copy the top and bottom three is fantasy The trend, fantasy trend, fantasy support pressure line therefore in the trend of trading all positions should be selected to develop the right, while the short term traders in the oscillator market to select the oscillator in the small level trend development of the right side of the clear trend, the right side is clearly identifiable, the entry is also clear identifiable if the market is not trend, then there will be no right side "military shape chapter": lift the autumn hair not for more power, see the sun and moon not for the bright eyes, hear the thunder not for Conger see the sun and the moon is not because our eyesight how good, but because the suns bright trend is like the sun and the moon right side is the trend of the things that shine those shocks and dark quotes non-can also this just confirms Warren Buffett said: I care about finding those we can cross a foot of obstacles, rather than to have what can fly over seven feet of ability