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Foreign exchange trading in the swing operation method

adjustment of the cashbackforex, up 100%cashbackforex down so that cashbackforexpipvestors like a monk baffled by the big market a r forex cashback easye on the chase, the big market a fall on the kill finally inventory of their own record that is certainly a loss scarred reason is that investors in the adjustment of the market cashback forex concept is not correct and swing operation techniques, especially buying opportunities to grasp inaccurate adjustment of the market operation concept is first of all to reduce the number of operations, reduce the number of each operation is expected to win. This is a prerequisite, only then can we achieve the correct do a good job of each wave and generate as much profit as possible to the above operating philosophy if the actual operation, that is, how to do a good job of each wave rebound and avoid each wave down this article is mainly to solve how to participate in each wave rebound, that is, how to identify and intervene in each wave rebound, the main thing is to confirm a safe and favorable buying point There are many investors choose the operation method is in the judgment of the market is about to bottom, low constantly involved, until the bottom of the stage to rebound gains this method looks good, may buy the cost is low or even do the lowest price, but in fact this operation method is a certain risk, is not the best way to operate better operation method is to see the bottom stop forexcashbackeasy first, and then Use to confirm the validity of the bottom stop signal of the next low to due to the formation of the signal after the formation of the rebound high point of a distance to do as a buying area so that the operation is very safe, and the cost is relatively low we know that the currency market has a law: after the end of a wave of rising market, there is bound to be a wave of its opposite down wave to correct the same, after each wave of falling market, there is bound to be a wave of its opposite direction This should be a famous saying in the currency market trading: up is the curse of the fall, the fall is the source of the rise Since there is such a law, we can find the possibility of future rebound in the process of market decline So, when you make a decision to intervene, please take a serious look at the current market before the recent bottom of a month or more, there is no decent wave of decline has occurred, if not, please temporarily do not make a decision to buy this is a small prerequisite for intervention in a wave of rebound or we are now experiencing a decline in the market on the way, we have to do the preparatory work is to wait for the market to stop the signal to observe the wave of decline in the market has occurred in the decline in the magnitude and the corresponding decline in time, whether it is similar to their expectations; observe whether the market has entered an accelerated decline, falling below the lower line of the downward channel, the market And the process of panic; observe the quiet entry of low funds, the emergence of individual currencies against the market all these will be the lower part of the stop signal appeared in the early signs of the so-called stop signal refers to the market at the end of the decline in the classic multi-headed K-line combination and multi-headed pattern but the stop signal is only a signal, it needs further confirmation of the market it may be the lowest point of the rally, but not a buying point, because it is not a high safety margin. Because its safety factor is not high buy point should be the market appears a second slightly higher than the second low of the stop signal is somewhat similar to the right bottom of the double bottom of the upward slope of course, the key is to identify and find the stop signal, only after the signal appears, through the market on the validity of the test, we can make a buying judgment of course, sometimes there is not always a confirmation of the second low, if so the market will be easier After the signal, if after 7 or 8 trading days the market is still steadily moving up and refuses to pull back, then generally can also confirm the rise of the market has begun, can make a decision to intervene So, we are in the adjustment market, just to care and look for the signal of the end of the down band to stop the fall, and then wait for the appearance of the buy point This operation can greatly reduce the number of operations and improve the probability of success, you can achieve in the Adjustment of the market can also be a stable profit purpose to avoid the chaos of the market to bring you purposeless operation