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Foreign exchange-related top ten classic social theory

  1, Peters pr 100%cashbackforexciple Each organization forex cashback easy composed of a variety of different positions, grades or class arrangements, each person is attached to one of the grades Peters principle is the American scholar Lawrence Peter in the organization of personnel promotion-related phenomena research, came to a conclusion: in a variety of organizations, employees always tend to forexcashbackeasy promoted to their Peters principle is sometimes referred to as the principle of upward mobility This phenomenon is ubiquitous in real life: a competent professor was promoted to the president of the university, but cashbackforexpip competent; an excellent athlete was promoted to the officer in charge of sports, cashbackforex nothing to do for an organization, once a significant part of the staff is pushed to its incompetent level, it will cause the organizations people to float, inefficient, and Resulting in mediocrity to get ahead, development stagnation Therefore, this requires a change in the promotion mechanism of enterprise employees based solely on the contribution of the decision to promote, not because someone in a position to do a very good job, it is inferred cashback forex this person must be able to fill a higher position will be promoted to a worker can not play well in the post, not only is not a reward for their own, but make it unable to play well, but also to the enterprise Bring losses 2, the law of wine and sewage law of wine and sewage is to pour a spoonful of wine into a bucket of sewage, get a bucket of sewage; if you pour a spoonful of sewage into a bucket of wine, get or a bucket of sewage in any organization, there are almost always a few difficult to get characters, this performance seems to exist for the purpose of making things worse worst, this performance is like a rotten apple in the fruit box, if not dealt with in a timely manner, it will quickly The terrible thing about rotten apples is its amazing destructive power. A decent and competent person entering a chaotic department may be swallowed up, while an unethical and untalented person can quickly turn an efficient department into a scattered mess. Another important reason is that it is always easier to destroy than to build a skilled craftsman to spend time carefully crafted ceramics, a donkey can be destroyed in a second If an organization has such a donkey, even with more skilled craftsmen, there will not be much decent work results If your organization has such a donkey, you should immediately remove it, if you can not afford to do so, you should 3, the law of the barrel law of the barrel is to say that a bucket can hold how much water, which depends entirely on its shortest piece of wood this is to say that any organization, may face a common problem, that is, the various parts of the organization is often uneven, and the inferior part often determine the level of the entire organization law of the barrel and the law of wine and sewage is different, the latter discusses the organization of the destructive forces, the shortest board is the shortest The shortest plank is a useful part of the organization, only worse than other parts, you can not throw them away as rotten apples strength and weakness is only relative, can not be eliminated, the problem is that you tolerate this weakness to what extent, if serious to become a bottleneck to hinder the work, you will have to take action 4, the Matthew effect "New Testament Gospel of Matthew" there is a story: a king before a long trip, handed When the king came back, the first servant said, "Master, I have earned 10 ingots of the silver you gave me, so the king rewarded him with 10 cities and towns. So, the king ordered to give the third servant one ingot of silver to the first servant, and said, "If it is less, even if it is more, I have to give it to him, and tell him to do more. The Matthew effect tells us that in order to maintain an advantage in a certain field, it is necessary to quickly become large in this field When you become the leader in a certain field, even if the return on investment is the same, you can more easily obtain greater returns than the weaker counterparts and if there is no strength to quickly become large in a certain field, we must constantly look for new areas of development to ensure a better return 5, zero-sum game principle zero-sum game The zero-sum game principle is widely concerned, mainly because people in all aspects of society can be found in a similar situation with the zero-sum game, the glory of the winners often hide the bitterness and bitterness of the losers behind the 20th century, mankind experienced two world wars, rapid economic growth, the rapid growth of technology, global integration and increasingly serious problems. The concept of zero-sum game is gradually being replaced by the concept of win-win. People are beginning to realize that the benefit does not have to be based on the detriment of others, and that a happy ending is possible through effective cooperation. In addition, to comply with the rules of the game, otherwise a win-win situation is not possible, and ultimately suffer or the collaborators themselves 6, Washington law of cooperation Washington law of cooperation says that a person perfunctory, two people blame each other, three people will never achieve anything more or less similar to the story of our three monks human cooperation, not a simple sum of human power, but to be much more complex and subtle in this cooperation Assuming that each persons ability is 1, then the result of cooperation between 10 people is sometimes much greater than 10, and sometimes, even smaller than 1 because people are not static objects, but more like energy in different directions, and when they push each other, they naturally get twice the result with half the effort, and when they contradict each other, they achieve nothing. In other words, it may be said that the main purpose of management is not to make everyone do better, but to avoid excessive internal consumption 7, watch theorem watch theorem is that when a person has a watch, can know what time it is, when he has two watches at the same time, but can not determine the two watches does not tell a person a more accurate time, but will The watch theorem in business management gives us a very intuitive inspiration, that is, the management of the same person or the same organization, can not adopt two different methods at the same time, can not set two different goals at the same time, and even each person can not be directed by two people at the same time, otherwise the enterprise or the person will be at a loss. Meaning is that each person can not choose two different values at the same time, otherwise, your behavior will be in chaos 8, the law of unworthiness The most intuitive expression of the law of unworthiness is: not worth doing things, it is not worth doing well This law could not be simpler, but the importance is sometimes overlooked and forgotten The law of unworthiness reflects a psychology of people, a person who is engaged in a self-perceived unworthy of doing Things, often maintain a cynical, perfunctory attitude, not only a low success rate, and even if successful, do not feel much sense of accomplishment Therefore, for individuals, should be in a variety of alternative goals and values to choose one, and then fight for it choose what you love, love what you have chosen, in order to stimulate our fighting spirit, but also can be at peace with a business or organization, it is necessary to A good analysis of the character traits of employees, a reasonable distribution of work, such as allowing workers with a strong desire for achievement alone or lead the completion of a certain risk and difficulty of the work, and in its completion, to give timely affirmation and praise; let employees with a strong desire for attachment, more participation in a group * with the work; let employees with a strong desire for power, as a supervisor with the ability to adapt to the same time to strengthen the staff of the corporate goals identity, so that employees feel that the work they do is worthwhile, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of workers 9, mushroom management mushroom management is a management method for many organizations to treat fledglings, beginners are placed in a dark corner (unappreciated departments, or odd jobs), pour a turd (unwarranted criticism, accusations, on behalf of others), left to their own devices (without the necessary guidance and carry) believe that many people have had such a mushroom experience, which is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when everything has just begun, when a few days mushroom, can eliminate many of our unrealistic fantasies, so that we are closer to reality, look at the problem is also more practical an organization, generally to the new personnel are treated equally, from the starting salary to work will not have a big difference no matter how good you are Talent, in the beginning, can only start from the simplest things, the experience of mushrooms, for growing young people, like cocoons, is a step that must be experienced before the feather, so how to efficiently walk through this part of life, from which as much experience as possible, mature, and establish a good and trustworthy personal image, is the subject of each young people just entering society must face 10. Occams Razor Law In the 12th century, William of Ockham in England advocated nominalism, recognizing only what does exist, arguing that those empty universal concepts are useless and cumbersome and should be ruthlessly shaved He advocated that if not necessary, do not add entities This is often referred to as Occams Razor This razor had made many people feel threatened and was considered heretical