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Forex Pyramid strategy to increase or decrease positions

Pyramid or inverted cashbackforexpip operation forexcashbackeasy The difference between th cashbackforex operation method forex cashback easy the cashback forex operation method is only that the share of funds bought and sold is reduced or increased in turn Corresponding to buy average high and buy average low, is two positive pyramid One is buy pyramid high, that is, the first buy the largest amount, and later with the rise of the market price and reduced in turn, the last smallest and constitute the top of the tower; The second is the buy pyramid low, the first amount is the smallest, constituting the top of the tower, and later as the price falls and buy one by one, 100%cashbackforex amount is correspondingly enlarged, the last amount is the largest and constitutes the bottom of the tower Corresponding to the sell average high and sell average low, are two inverted pyramid sell inverted pyramid high, is as the price rises, the amount of selling also increased one by one; sell inverted pyramid low, is as the price falls, the amount of selling one by one In fact, the former is only an expansion of the latters quantitative principles in the number of sales and purchases, which makes the adjustment variables of segmented buying and selling increased to four: the number of sales and purchases, the time distance between each sale and purchase, the range of each sale and purchase criteria and the number of each sale and purchase pyramid or inverted pyramid method is more conducive to achieving profit targets, stop-loss targets and risk prevention goals than the average method. and risk prevention goals The combination pattern of the number of each purchase and sale in the segmented buying and selling method is diverse, in fact, each of the four variables has a variety of combination patterns, and there will be a variety of combination patterns between the four variables, and will generate the corresponding features and functions, which makes investors have a larger range of choices and opportunities for self-innovation Positive pyramid position increases should have three basic principles: 1. Before each position increase must be required ( Or emphasize that the previous open positions and add positions have been profitable before adding a position 2, each position should not be larger than the previous open positions specifically require (or emphasize) the first open position must be larger than the first position added!  3, in most cases, in a trading product, the number of consecutive position increases generally does not exceed 3 times