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Forex Trading Primer 17 - The Best Time of the Week for Forex Trading

Now we know forexcashbackeasy the London session forex cashback easy the busiest cashbackforex of the day compared to other trading sessions, but there are certain days of the cashback forex when the cashbackforexpip will be relatively active The table below shows the average range of pips for each major currency pair for each day of the week: As the chart above shows, the middle of the week is likely the best time to 100%cashbackforex As the chart above shows, the middle of the week is likely to be the best time to trade, with the majority of trades taking place during this time, Fridays market conditions will be busy until 12:00 noon EST, then the market will be fairly quiet until the market closes at 5:00 pm EST, which means that the week in the Forex market is over and the weekend always comes early, doesnt it? Haha now we have learned that the busiest time of the week in the market the busiest time is also the best time to trade because it gives traders a higher chance of winning manage your time wisely unless you are the leading man in the movie Twilight Zone, Edward Cullen, who can stay awake for 24 hours, you cant trade during all trading sessions even if you could, but you Why should you? Although the Forex market is open 24 hours a day, this does not mean that you have to trade at all times. Besides, sleep is an integral part of a healthy life! Every trader should learn when to trade. In fact, it is not enough that every trader should learn when to trade, but also when not to trade. Here is a guide to the best and worst times to trade: Best times to trade: when two trading sessions overlap In addition, major events, economic data, and speeches by key officials in the market can also cause volatility and directional swings in the market You must be aware of the major data that will be released on the financial calendar or major events that will occur during the day The European session is the most of the three major trading sessions The middle of a busy week is usually the busiest time, as most currency pairs have the largest range of volatility during this period Worst time to trade: