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How to build a trading system of their own

Ancient good warrior, first for the cashbackforexvincible, in order to wait for the enemy can win, not win in their own, can win in the enemy as Sun Tzus Art of War a maxim, in the investment cashbackforexpip is also invincible as an ordinary investor need to trace the source, underst cashback forex that investment opportunities are forex cashback easy market to you, not forexcashbackeasy you can grasp, trading market is the main body of investment, and 100%cashbackforex The market is the main body of investment, and we are only the bearer of risk as the recipient of risk, how to achieve profit in this market?  I think the trading market and our usual material life is similar, we have Newtons law in life, moral ethics However, in the whole of the capital market of increasing risk, the tongue of greed has been straight out into the distance, the nature of laziness and greed has made us lose the rules of the whole market, so I think the current trading market lacks a Newton, most investors Lack of a personalized trading system of their own, some just follow the flow of a blindly in the two or eight law of the market rules, there is no capital advantage, no information advantage, the mass convergence of the investment approach can only make you go farther and farther down the investment road Then how to build a trading system of their own so that they can be in the market with ease? I think there are the following points:  1, analysis of the market we need to determine our trading objects, what products to do, what market to do, what stocks to do, what currency pairs to do, what commodity futures? Although the investment market principle has a great deal of similarity, different trading systems trading system and the properties of trading varieties also exist a great deal of difference as the audience we are also a variety of in the complex environment need to choose out of the market for themselves 2, understand the market after determining the trading object, we need to go carefully and meticulously to study the properties of trading varieties, to understand our own The current trading environment and the current trading background 3, judging the trend of judging the trend is that we are long or short, the trend is the root of our profits, here do not talk a lot about the method of judging the trend, I believe it is also the blind man feeling the elephant, find the most suitable for their own judgment 4, develop a plan next we need to develop a personalized trading plan of their own, in determining the trading object In the premise of determining the trading object, trading background and trading direction, the trading plan must also be clearly determined 5, the implementation of the transaction in the case of the plan to determine, once into the transaction, we must strictly implement their own trading plan, unless in the market under uncontrollable circumstances, do not have any reason to change their plans 6, position management position management is the most important part of the trading system A part of the trading system, we must have a red line in mind, understand under what circumstances, we need to stop trading, what circumstances need to increase trading, and under what circumstances with what proportion of trading 7, trading summary a good trading system requires us to make a statistical summary after each single transaction, to find the problems in our trading system, to enhance our trading system I really hope that every trader can have their own trading system, in the market can do not win in their own, can win in the enemy