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In the transaction from the basic skills to talk about the so-called mentality it is a rogue

a, two cashbackforexpipears ago, when I was a seller line research intern, at 100%cashbackforex time I have almost scrambled fried about 4 years of cashback forex, read more than 50 investment-related books, of course, most of them are investment ideas class things, at that time forexcashbackeasy the boss said recently in reading Qiu Guolus "investment In the simple things", I was also excited to say that the writing cashbackforex quite good, a lot of ideas and I similar, perhaps to get the boss happy, when the boss threw me a pot of cold water, said: young people should learn more practical application, less play investment ideas, McKinsey "valuation analysis" such books are worth reading, when you have a better investment analysis and judgment ability, and then and investment ideas such as the combination of philosophical ideas I think the stock has a saying, called others panic when I greedy, others greedy when I panic, and some do forex cashback easy know the truth of the retail investors to talk, it is true that obviously in the four or five thousand points into the big drop but said that people are afraid I am not afraid, think of ridiculous, but more terrible similar to the many retail investors, the reason: the first confused greed and fear of the effectiveness of the point The second is not to do the basic research, trading to sell or not based mainly on the trend of the past period of time So, Zen Garden Jun hope that some young investors, the first method of investment analysis to learn, and do not take the learning of investment ideas as a top priority in the transaction, we often do not strictly implement the plan, or lose their heads, or impulsive trading In trading, we often do not strictly implement the plan, or lose our minds, or impulsive trading, or have a plan, but become undisciplined in the market, or anger, disgust, deterioration of the mindset, etc. These lead to our trading losses or failures, we usually also like to attribute the failure of trading to the mindset, and the reasons seem to be very good, can account for the feet two, our trading failure, whether it is really a mindset problem? Today we will explain this question why most people are very confident to attribute their trading failures to mindset? Because of the binary ambiguity of the transaction, basically close your eyes to buy, is about 50% success rate, no matter what trading method you use, there will always be some profit, because the market is either up or down, there will always be some transactions to make you money, even if your level is zero, is a cat, dog to trade, there are certainly many profitable single because of this, the new people feel that they are capable of earning money, or else how There will be some profitable single it? Sometimes there is a continuous profit, but also a lot of profit, and the success rate is not low? This is the reason why they believe that they are capable of making profits, so if they fail, it is naturally a mindset problem and we know that most people, especially newbies, do not have a complete system, not to mention what the concept, they are mainly haphazard trading, haphazard predictions, when the market does not match their expectations when the hard resistance, resulting in hemorrhaging, complaining that their hearts do not hate at the time, not determined to cut, execution Not strong, is a bad mentality; and if they cut, the results of the market went back, they will complain that they are too afraid, no patience to hold positions waiting for profits, the mentality is really bad, and so many other problems in trading, will be similar you do not find, these two mentality is the opposite of the concept? Are they contradictory? But all fall on a person no matter how they lose money, no matter what the method of loss is, they can always find the corresponding mentality to correspond with it, so when they lose, it is easy to find the matching mentality crux, and then complain about their mentality is not good when the market mung right and not confident, afraid that the market reverses to the hand of profit is gone, they will complain that they are too careful, too petty, could have been more When holding the market, there are a lot of profits, they want to grab big profits, the results of the market retracement, profits back, they will complain, blaming themselves too greedy, or a bad mindset caused in short, as long as they do not have all the profits into the pocket, always find the corresponding mindset and its counterpart, so when they make less, it is easy to find the The newcomers, in fact, the old traders who have been doing it for many years, are also prone to blame their failure on their mindset, so why dont they blame their failure on their inability? They do not know that their profits, it is likely that only the right market, not the reason for their own ability, does not belong to their own ability, but they are not aware of this problem, or aware of, but not willing to admit their own ability problem three, if the basic skills, to talk about mentality, is completely empty talk, away from the basic skills to talk about mentality, it is a rogue for example, we often hear that the most important need for trading is Patience indeed, the transaction does require patience but, I ask you, you need to wait, but you wait for what? Do you know what you have to wait for? No basic skills, you simply do not know what you want to wait for if you have the basic skills as a basis, in what point should be into, what point should be out, have a number, patiently wait, you naturally know what you need to wait for if you do not know where into, which out, how to talk about patience? Talk about how to wait? If you have done a variety of countermeasures to the evolution of the market, will not be surprised by the changes, the heart is not hung up so to have a good mindset, you must first solid basic skills, to plan transactions, trading plans for the vast majority of people, not to the master stage before, not to the stage of stable profitability, so the main problem is the basic skills Do not easily attribute their failure to the mindset, or never walk out of the heart of the transaction strange circle, can not break through the trading of that bottleneck