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It is still too early to predict the impact of the European debt crisis

High-end Interview Interview with David Appia, Chairman cashbackforex CEO of the French M forex cashback easy cashbackforexpiptry of Investment In response to the ongoing European sovereign debt forexcashbackeasy, David Appia, Chairman and CEO of the French Ministry of Investment, said in a recent interview with Shanghai Securities News that the crisis in Greece and other countries is indeed very worrying, but for the time being, it is difficult to say what impact the crisis will cashback forex on Europe. He also pointed out that Frances next step will be to China and other emerging markets as the focus of attracting 100%cashbackforex Shanghai Securities News: Can you briefly introduce the main functions of your agency?  Appiah: Our French Investment Department (IFA) was established in 2001 with three main missions: firstly, to provide information to foreign companies on investment, secondly, to provide support to foreign companies interested in investing in France, and thirdly, to convey to the French government authorities the requirements and information of enterprises in order to better improve our business environment, such as immigration, taxation and other policies. Securities News: What is the overall situation of foreign investment in France at the moment? What is the situation of Chinese companies?  Appiah: There are currently 22,000 foreign companies investing in France, mainly from Europe, North America and Asia, the latter being one of the fastest growing regions in recent years Chinese companies have been investing in France for several years. In recent years, Chinese companies have not only increased their investment in France, but have also become increasingly active in mergers and acquisitions. Has the European debt crisis affected foreign investment activities in France? Have you noticed any signs of this?  Appiah: Lets put it this way: during the financial crisis two years ago, credit and investment activities were almost frozen worldwide, and France was certainly no exception. Shanghai Securities News: In your opinion, what is the investment attractiveness of France compared to other countries?  Appiah: First of all, our geographical location, located in the center of the European market; secondly, our infrastructure, which can be easily connected to other European markets by land, water and air; thirdly, highly qualified and well-trained human resources; fourthly, our strong support for innovation and R&D. Another point I would like to add is that last December, the French government launched a 35 billion euro government Shanghai Securities News: Are you worried about the debt crisis in Greece or even in other European countries?  Appiah: Yes, we are indeed very worried about the progress in this area and it is for this reason that European countries have recently held several meetings and taken joint bailout measures, which are also very necessary We are closely monitoring the development of the situation because it is directly related to the business environment in Europe I do not deny that we would like to see an early end to the crisis in Greece Therefore, the situation is very difficult and Europe must respond strongly and send a strong signal to the market As far as foreign investment is concerned, I have not seen a significant cooling of investment activity, and it remains to be seen whether the growth trend of foreign investment over the past two years will continue this year, it is still too early to draw conclusions Shanghai Securities News: In connection with the current sovereign debt crisis, do you think it is the best time to invest in Europe?  Appiah: For European governments, I think the key is to send a signal to the outside world that even if we succeed in solving the Greek crisis, we also want foreign investors to see that we have a long-term vision and vision of development Next, we have to continue to promote reform measures, reduce public debt, and continue to improve the investment environment in Europe, which is what we have been doing in France In the past two years, we have seen many troubled French companies being acquired by foreign investors, including buyers from China.