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K-line chart knowledge analysis ten-minute K-line chart warfare - three down

there are up 100%cashbackforex cashbackforexpip forexcashbackeasy the market, fifteen-m forex cashback easyute K-line cashback forex movements, also has its own laws of cashbackforexing and selling, that fifteen-minute K-line chart how to buy and sell judgment? In practice, the oil financial network through the following fifteen-minute chart in the three levels to explain in the actual trend, fifteen-minute K-line chart has a lot of circumstances, found in the three levels of decline, buying and selling methods are different, so what are the three levels? They are: a down, two down and three down first: a down of course in the fifteen-minute trend in a down situation (as shown below), the volume has a large turn small, the price of high horizontal decline, as a novice is likely to take over at a high level, from the morphology of the uptrend unchanged large, but in essence has been inducing novices to buy just pull up when the buying influx, the price of volume Rising, then in the sell two sell three large selling orders, the stock price is blocked horizontal, with the buy weakened the main force to use technology to support the stock price until the convergence of the average convergence so far First: the second paragraph down with the above analysis, the stock price after a second decline, as new friends were set, so the old drivers began to buy at low, the main force since into the second place to sell, then it must be down a backfill, the main force backfill is certainly not want the old drivers and new leeks to grab chips, had to use the second file will old drivers cheat into the bureau this position price found someone to hold, slowly up and down, sell a few thousand hands to hold down, buy two have a few thousand hands to hold, the current price is bought and sold plate clip to do the chart, go to the end of the second section of the stock price pull up to induce the old hands to chase into, unfold the third file down third: three down below this one chart, is the third section down, that is, the old hands are also set. Graphically we may not look good, but from the lower shadow line to see the novice low sold to fill back! The main force and experts to grab into, buy by courage! Is not the best buy point is a bit difficult to say, the benevolent see the wisdom of the wise statement I do not buy! Back to the file buy time point is best to appear at 2:30 p.m., so that if you make a mistake the next day can be corrected in time to buy most of this buy point is correct, buy it up! But in the rise to the position shown in this chart to be alert, many of the wrong do down from here! If the strict implementation of the above article to buy at 2:30 p.m., the following chart shows the risk of dodging in accordance with the above, we can see that prices generally take into two back one, back one I understand for the back of the file into two for the short-term head, so the use of the method of operation on the fifteen-minute K-line chart can be profitable