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Knowledge Fibonacci Trading Strategies

The cashbackforexpip series/ratios are an forexcashbackeasytegral part of technical analys cashbackforex the entire concept forex cashback easy trading theory is based on them traders always try to enter a trade at the right moment so what is the right moment? In an uptrend they are afraid of buying too high at the top and the fear of buying at the top is very high in a downtrend as well so what is the answer? Fibonacci is a tool that helps traders enter after a retracement. Generally, this retracement is between 38.2% and 61.8%, depending on the strategy used for the different entry methods (scalping, etc.) But it is very common to trade using Fibonacci retracement or expansion 100%cashbackforex. After reading this article, I am sure you will have an understanding of the different ways to use Fibonacci ratios/levels Using Fibonacci ratios to identify momentum support and resistance levels Traders use the Fibonacci sequence to find support and resistance levels The more factors in the same position, the harder it is to break the level Also, the larger the cashback forex frame, the stronger the support or resistance level However, these positions are in the horizontal area However, horizontal support and resistance levels are not always the most important levels although I prefer levels, but dynamic levels are also very effective and as a rule they should be considered as part of the money management system so that everything related to risk is controlled but what are dynamic levels? As mentioned earlier, if typical support and resistance levels form in horizontal areas, then it is not a momentum level and price may meet support/resistance at an ascending/descending level, at which point momentum levels are formed as shown on the daily time frame for the Eurodollar, which shows the near term trend starting this spring The key here is to use the golden ratio (61.8%) to find momentum support and resistance levels given the time frame (Daily), the levels thus generated are ideal for quick rejections and intra-day/weekly trading opportunities to trade against the resulting momentum resistance/support levels, using the tool of how the Fibonacci sector is set                nbsp;                  Any Metatrader platform offers Fibonacci tools on the Fibonacci Tools tab The following steps are a quick guide on how to use Fibonacci: 1. After the bottom, wait for the market to make a new swing high followed by a retracement that will not go below the previous low 2. Simply click and drag the tool from the absolute low to the end of the first swing high.4 By default, the tool has 3 lines: 38.2%, 50% and 61.8% Our main interest is the price action around the 61.8% uptrend line which provides dynamic resistance and support levels for the coming months to find trading opportunities while using the advanced Fibonacci strategy in a simple and powerful setup Each day offers no less than 7 opportunities Now, imagine how many opportunities there can be in the long term Consider how many currency pairs there are Now, then multiply the time frame by the number of currency pairs to infinity! By using the above 4 setups and the Fibonacci sector, there will be endless opportunities but this is in no way a reason to overtrade. In fact, the fewer trades you place, the more times you will pick the best trade in your trade. I only like to stick to strategies that work and not change systems one by one This article is for educational purposes only and you may select from it to help you become a better trader by learning new concepts and adopting advanced Fibonacci strategies Using Fibonacci Time Zones to Identify Cycle Prices and Times - The Surefire Way to Trade Since the beginning of technical analysis, traders have been obsessed with the time factor The problem is that when trading, everyone is focused on the price level What if we could have an idea when the price reaches a specific level? What if we could incorporate the time factor in our analysis? Once again, Fibonacci has a place in good technical analysis concepts that are derived from cycles Elliott Wave Theory is one such concept Elliott created a complete theory around Fibonacci levels and ratios, but not just in terms of price He started by mentioning the time factor when dividing the market into different types of cycles or waves have different time elements whether you like it or not, when a particular wave/cycle Therefore, Elliott integrated Fibonacci levels into the most important pattern rules practiced on the Eurodollar chart, which has been consolidating for the last few years The daily chart above shows the consolidation in the Eurodollar However, when the market consolidates, a very possible way to do so is through a triangle pattern contraction pattern Fibonacci time zone we need to imagine Everything is the first wave high, the A wave idea is that measuring the time taken to form the first side of the triangle is just a matter of clicking and dragging the time zone, the 161.8% and 261.8% moments generated from the start of the triangle to the end of the A wave provide an educated guess as to when the B and C waves will end. Lets assume you dont want to go short or long, but know when both waves will end!