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manipulation play a good 10% net worth safety cushion take a solid annualized 55% return can do so!

Editors Note:  We break down the annualized 55% target into four forex cashback easys a quarter, with a conservative strategy to hit 100%cashbackforex forexcashbackeasy worth safety cushion; second quarter, aggressive expansion, to obtain 15% gains third quarter, with the previous two quarters of the safe net worth range, continue to increase the rate of profitability, to obtain 20% quarterly gains fourth quarter, conservative strategy, using the same strategy as the 10% in the first quarter The fourth quarter, the conservative strategy, using the same strategy as the first quarter of 10%, so as to obtain four quarters a total of 55% of the annualized steady earnings In large-scale operation of foreign exchange capital account, will emphasize the importance of prioritizing the creation of capital safety cushion Th cashbackforex is a necessary step for the manipulation team to carry out asset management Today, according to the private equity fund industry net worth management methods, to talk to you about doing foreign exchange manipulation, how to go about the reasonable development of the stage earnings plan The net value of the net value of the start stage to be conservative, take a conservative trading strategy to play the safety cushion play a firm net value of the safety cushion to get a new account, do cashback forex rush to make big money to speed but not to reach, adventurous is bound to bring risk so, the correct posture is to first use a conservative strategy to account the net value to do more than 1.1, that is, to earn 10% of the profit and then Then turn on the full force of the appropriate position, the impact of more efficient profit capital safety cushion for the manipulation of too important whether it is your own, or the client, if a new account at the beginning of the operation is in a state of loss, will signifi cashbackforexpiptly affect the mood of the manipulator, put themselves in a passive position, this is the asset management taboo if it is the clients account, the first month on the loss of 15%, the customers phone will be one after another, questioning the traders ability to manipulate a variety of complaints, suspicion, and even temper tantrums, so that the trader into anxiety and great pressure Therefore, the new account must not occur loss at the beginning rather than earn less, try to conservative trading, but also do not venture for customers, earn less, is the problem of luck; loss of more, is your ability to problem  nbsp;As long as the customers profit, a lot stronger than the existence of the bank on the banks one-year financial returns, but only 5% So, the safety and soundness of the transaction must be the first, can not let the customer sleep you want to let the customer sleep, the customer will let you sleep every day In this logic, to the customer account to play net worth security cushion, at least to reach the customers annualized steady income expectations 10% you steadily take 10% of the earnings, you can start out, so that customers psychologically feel safe, but also will allow the panhandler in the next acceleration phase, there is a strong buffer interval with the first three months, playing firm 10% of the net worth safety cushion three months, earn 10%, steadily, you can do? This is the safety cushion phase! 10,000 dollars, earn $330 per month, earn $80 per week I believe this is not a difficult task for most traders Trading is a difficult thing, but also a very simple thing After breaking down the revenue goals, we will find that each goal is not difficult but we require a solid return, ultra-low risk, the model can be replicated on a large scale We to 10,000 U.S. dollars, earn 80 U.S. dollars a week, for example, a day of 16 U.S. dollars to open a bottom position of 0.03 to 0.05 hands, a day to earn 16 U.S. dollars, this goal has a high degree of implementability, scalability and risk-free here we are not saying that every day to make money, but also not strictly speaking only open 0.05 hands of small positions if you open 0.1 and 0.2 hands, do swing and stop loss, it is not uncommon Light position and swing is not contradictory, choose the right way for you we only focus on the results, 10,000 U.S. dollars a week to earn 80 U.S. dollars you if you can earn more, less risk, it is more congratulatory After the first three months of the net worth of the safety cushion stage, you have been a steady earn 10% which is a quarterly performance, according to this rate, there are four quarters a year, you can also take down 40% of the earnings  nbsp;The next few quarters, you can set the return to this In the second quarter, the handicapper can enlarge the position some, on the basis of the net worth safety cushion, enlarge the return for example, the bottom position from 0.03 to 0.05 hands, raised to 0.06 to 0.1 hands in addition to the retraction will slightly increase, we believe that such a low position, the risk is still in a highly controllable range  nbsp;In the second quarter, we can raise the expected quarterly return from 10% to 15% which is a very good return, I think the retracement will not be too big The third quarter, continue to maintain the second quarter of the operation because the previous two quarters harvested a total of 25% return on the net value of the account already has a strong control, so the third quarter can maintain the second quarter of the operation unchanged, or slightly enlarge the third quarter earnings are expected to 16% to 20%  fourth quarter for the closing quarter can take a conservative strategy, reduce the position as long as the realization and a quarter of 10% conservative strategy earnings can we summarize the expected return of the four quarters  first quarter, 10% second quarter, 15% third quarter, 20% fourth quarter, 10%  annualized Net worth gain, a total of 55% for a certain size of capital, compared to the average level of the futures and foreign exchange industry, always maintain a solid and controllable retracement, 55% can be called the perfect return has a friend is in accordance with this return, and constantly practice his asset management plan