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Programmed trading all-round interpretation foreign exchange EA intelligent trading system

MQL4, MQL5 programming provides: foreign exchange 100%cashbackforex, ea official website, programmed forex cashback easy, program automatic trading, quantitative investment, EA automated trading system cashbackforex other related learning articles and information I. What cashbackforexpip foreign exchange EA intelligent trading? Forex EA intelligent trading is the Chinese translation of MT4 and MT5 ExpertAdvisor (EA for short), also known as intelligent trading system, program trading system, automated trading program…… called a lot, unified refers to automatic trading technology EA is essentially a computer program, is based on the ideas of the trader by the programmer, the traders ideas Written into a computer program, and then as long as the computer is on, this EA intelligent program cashback forex automatically analyze the foreign exchange market trends, automatically buy and sell, buy low and sell high, completely without people to stare at the computer, will automatically complete the entire trading process EA in accordance with the different trading strategies are subdivided into hedging trading forexcashbackeasy, trend trading strategy, value cycle strategy, standard oscillation strategy, enhanced oscillation strategy, neural memory strategy, Shape capture strategy, semi-automatic trading strategy, etc. Mirror trading, community trading is also an evolutionary model of EA Ping An Group recently invested nearly $20 million to a community trading site, etoro, the sites total financing of nearly $300 million, such examples are very much in the international, visible EA intelligent trading is very valuable artificial intelligence, the financial crisis in 2008, the world financial A depression, and Simmonss fund with programmed quantitative trading, the year still get high returns A good set of EA formation requires high hardware and software conditions first need to have years of experience in manipulation of the rubbers to design a comprehensive trading strategy, because the foreign exchange market trend is not a single, is complex, any single set of method strategy can not face the future of the foreign exchange market, comprehensive trading Strategy should at least contain trend strategy, oscillation strategy, pattern capture strategy, hedging quantitative modeling, etc. Without more than ten years of experience as a trader, it is difficult to have a stable integrated strategy, while the need to reconcile the switch between strategies, time cycle, combined with the law of currency fluctuations, such as the pound fluctuations in the afternoon, the Australian dollar fluctuations in the morning and other characteristics, to do the coordination between integrated strategies and strategies in different cycles automatically switch second need Very good programmers, able to combine a variety of strategies, combined together, mutual detection, screening, and collaborative orders, and do not affect each other, but also to have disconnected, disconnected function, automatic error checking function, and the program architecture to be good, or the speed is slow, slow speed is a drag on the EA third need very good network environment, to ensure the smooth flow of the network, computer server equipment super computer top configuration, in order to guarantee the smooth operation of the EA s In order to guarantee the smooth operation of EA Second, EA help more forex traders to achieve stable profits trading has 2 modes: manual trading and computer program automatic trading / EA trading in the capital market, most investors are losing money, fast may be a few days to burst, slow may be a few months, but the reasons for the loss are the following: expertise Not enough: can not correctly judge the market trend time is not enough energy: often miss good opportunities, meet bad opportunities heavy trading: expect fast profits and turn over capital counter-trend operation: think down will definitely go up, up will definitely fall after the loss to increase positions: no plan with a fluke to increase positions, rather than develop a good plan to increase positions heart blame: greed, dead wrong, unrepentant, fetish, confidence expansion, etc. many People lose money, not a bad strategy, but the mentality problem, unstable mentality led to the trader finally lost a lot of people experience hard earned money a year, indeed, because of an impulse, or that will certainly fall, will certainly rebound and other obsessions, and lead to a year of profits once returned to the market, and even losses burst position also some people hold the loss of the mentality of the end regardless, the results of the account back to the capital, but these are unstable, but these are not stable. Uncertainty factors are too much, so the investment to the end than the technical analysis, but the mentality and these mentality problems, want to change is even more difficult as long as people are doing transactions, will face the above problems, do you want to consistent loss down? This time EA appeared, automatic trading program trading strategy into a computer program, the computer is no emotion, the computer can fully implement the development of a good trading strategy, there is no mentality problem, so EA intelligent trading program was born EAs biggest advantage is its execution EA is a machine, so there will be no emotion, not because of the loss of chagrin or profit pride and loss of control many people are Have this experience: in the futures, stocks or foreign exchange market an impulse or defiance of the market, that is, the president or impossible not to pull back, etc., to lose months or even years of all the profits, but EA will not EA can also replace the trader to operate, thus freeing up the traders trading time, reducing the degree of trader fatigue, eliminating some of the traders artificial mentality, so that can Stable alternative to the trader to complete the transaction most investors in the investment market are losses, losses mainly from the unstable mindset, greed and fear, stress, errors in judgment, fatigue, sleep, physical health factors … and so on condition of uncertainty! Insight: the financial market lords a lot, but whether it is a futures legend or a private equity brother, or a god-like trader, almost no long-term stability, most of them are soon to fall from grace, in the financial market to earn 10 times a year is not a skill, and can be stable for N years, 10% profit per year that is the king of the style and the emergence of EA, can help more excellent trader to trade strategy into Program, so as to achieve long-term stable profits, is the gospel of investors Three, EA intelligent trading and artificial trading difference EA can achieve stable profits, artificial trading can be profitable, but eventually to go wrong, 10 years 20 years, only EA can ensure that the account consistent long-term stable profits down and long-term stable profits is what forex traders are looking for Four, EAs Advantageous features of fully automatic intelligent EA trading is: intelligent trading system synthesizes the wisdom and experience of many trading masters, standing on the shoulders of giants, its trading strategy selection and market judgment, position control and trading discipline, risk control and profitability will undoubtedly be higher than the manual manual operation because of the computer automatically place orders, can ensure faster order placement, closing speed, can be more Sensitive response to price changes and trend changes computer can overcome human weaknesses, the buy is to buy, the sell is to sell, no hesitation, no greed, win is not arrogant, loss is not frustrated, to avoid emotional operation computer can monitor the market 24 hours a day, and at the appropriate time and point automatically into the field, completely without human intervention, so you can avoid staying up all night staring at the plate, you can work during the day  ; A good EA is very significant, meaning the realization of a long-term stable and profitable trading ability, with a stable trading technology, the market will be a steady stream of funds to cooperate, meaning that you can open up the blue ocean of wealth in the foreign exchange market