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Rogers Distinguishing between bulls and bears

forex cashback easy Mr. Lo, what 100%cashbackforex the basis for your bullishness forexcashbackeasy German stocks in 1982?   cashbackforexpip The latest bull cashbackforex in the German stock market started in August 1982, the last bull market high before 82 years was set in 1961, from 62 years from the peak of the sharp decline, after basically in a horizontal state not much change Q: Since not much change, how to distinguish between bulls and bears A: The German economy continues to improve, from the value measure is worth buying the market Q: also a saying that you buy the market price below the true value of A: The analogy is apt, in fact, cashback forex try to make sure that I will not suffer losses before I engage in any selling Q: If you buy something of value, even if there is a mistake, you will not lose anything A: Yes, the same principle of buying and selling as the four degrees of space Q: Forgive me for asking a direct question, the situation where the German economy is positive and stocks are low is simply A: Good question, there is a very clear difference between 1971 and 1982 Q: Please explain further?  A: There was a catalyst in the German stock market in 82 that led to the stock price coming back to life German election Q: Please explain the 1982 German election, what did it mean for the stock market?  A: At that time I believed that the ruling party would lose the election and that the opposition party would change its policy and encourage investment if it came to power Q: What was the investment climate before the election?  A: Not at all concerned Q: how the market trend A: the day the opposition party won, the stock market immediately exploded up Q: if the opposition party lost, you can expect to suffer losses A: even if the election failed the stock market situation dull situation will not cause serious losses Q: in short, full of confidence A: Yes I think the bull market is coming, and will continue to rise for at least two or three years Q: it seems that every time you enter the market, is confident firm, no win, no return?  A: Yes Q: You often have full confidence, otherwise you will not act rashly A: Yes, in normal times, it is best to sit quietly, waiting for the opportunity to enter the market Q: The less trading the better A: Yes, therefore, I do not consider myself a speculator I am just an opportunist, waiting for the opportunity to appear, in full confidence before the heavy stick strike Q: Mr. Luos trading, whether all based on basic analysis A: Yes Q: Does chart analysis play a place? A: Another use Q: your speculation to basic factors analysis prevails, chart analysis naturally retreat, what is the status of chart analysis in your buying and selling A: charts can provide inspiration to enter the market Q: do not understand A: for example, futures charts show some, V-shaped sharp rise or waterfall of the market, reflecting the market has reached the level of madness Q: others crazy, you will A: Yes, when I encounter a crazy market, I usually watch carefully to see if there are opportunities Q: Can you give examples?  A: Yes, two years ago, when soybeans rose to $9.6, I entered the market to sell short Q: What is the reason for selling short?  A: The night before at a gathering of speculators, one of them was talking a lot, and rattling off a list of reasons why you should buy soybeans My response was I dont know if there are good reasons to be bullish on soybeans, but when the market enters a crazy phase, it is a perfect opportunity to sell short Q: How to grasp the timing to enter the market A: Wait for the market price to jump up in a way that continues to appear after multiple jumps, the opportunity to sell short is ripe Q: Do you wait until there is a turn signal? A: I dont know what is meant by a single-day turn or a multi-day turn Q: In other words, no move is better than a move A: My motto: Buy below-value items and sell crazy commodities