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Simulation account - full of flowers trap

engaged cashback forexef="">cashbackforexpip foreign exchange for two years, in the teaching of teachers below the growth of today some ideas want to exchange with new friends, we learn from each other, but also ask the teachers to teach friends first contact with foreign exchange knowledge of different ways, but forex cashback easy think the involvement of foreign exchange operations are roughly the same, starting with simulation operations I dont d cashbackforexcuss technical and fundamental analysis today, because those technical articles are a lot, Im forexcashbackeasy good at this analysis Well start with the simulation of new friends, whether its domestic, or foreign margin simulation platform, the start of more virtual funds of varying amounts for you to practice operating virtual funds, feel free to operate. I have read too many newcomers articles, so and so how much a week earned, how many times a month, etc., so I could not resist, instantly opened a real account, and did not wait for people to leave, the corner of the eye has been hit by a stick, so the nightmare began "how to crash again" and this time, I But I saw the foreign exchange platform business sinister smile "come on, small sample, how much smash in" and then they received the spread, a satisfied look huh, I also so walked through the bloody road of foreign exchange painful lesson learned, summarized how to correctly treat the operation of the simulation platform for your reference a: fake 100%cashbackforex as real money with real money as a digital With virtual money must be used as your pocket out of money and do not operate at will, to make full use of the knowledge you have learned to decide your entry point, to hold on to your trading system and not relax, to self-increase psychological pressure regardless of whether the transaction is earned or lost, need to be carefully summarized afterwards here mentioned self-increase psychological pressure needs to be highlighted because it is fake money, everyones The psychological is relaxed, so to increase the pressure, you lost is a family broken huh, a little said heavy, take a what block, lest everyones brick break the head real money when the figures used, it is well understood, remove the pressure, as a simulation of the money in operation have friends and speech, you are very arrogant ah! Is not more money to burn the bag, oh the taste of each different, we know it themselves II: Seek defeat to seek defeat or to seek defeat to seek defeat is not easy, every time I full position operation, without a few times my platform simulation of the money will be stormed out if so, then I have nothing to write in this section you guys bye, go to sleep the so-called seeking defeat, is in the process of operation, whether you this transaction is in the earn or lose more to let It continues for example, I am now a transaction in the money, then I more than win, nor close the position, but the stop loss is the discipline do not forget not only win, nor close the position is to see how high the tree can rise, so that your greed as much as possible to expose the psychology of your greed to see how high the degree of your greed, to what place does not rise, and then nailed on the ruler, so that the next time to what place to stop, they will have The same reason, Im looking at a deal, maybe a turnaround opportunity, then I will remove the stop loss or stop loss down 200300 points, so that one is the assessment of your technical analysis, more importantly, is the assessment of your psychological loss to see how you lose after the psychological reaction, how to deal with the same situation in the future to say that the premise is that you have to fake money when the real money there is another situation Is up and then down, which is a rare opportunity, oh, borrow the above example of good refinement, good to put themselves in pain a little "boy, you have a tendency to self-abuse it! Is not the need to see a psychiatrist, I know a famous doctor "thank this great, I am all right three: read a book on the psychology of investment For this, I am just here to remind us that speculation is not in making investments, foreign exchange margin market is largely in speculation, so no matter how correct your technical fundamental analysis, I still hope you can look at Investment psychology books 10% of the profits from your knowledge, 90% from your psychological state hey traps in what traps in the flowers wish you good fortune good luck good mood Author: Border Pass