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Soros a sleepy old wolf

cashbackforexpipve become less 100%cashbackforexterested in setting new records forex cashback easy more interested in protecting my previously accumulated capital from shrinking Im old and I need to be conservative Im like an old boxer who shouldnt be back in the ring cashbackforex said in a talk to BBC reporters I want to do something cashback forex will live on after I die The less I have to do, the better, I work hard In an interview with BBC television, Soros said he would focus more on his charitable foundation and hoped to write a book I must admit that I am considered the worlds greatest investment manager; however, how long I can maintain that status is another matter Soros answered a question from the author of the book "Soros: The Man Ahead of the Stock Market Curve" I am a difficult man to let people understand. Ive always played two roles, so I dont feel guilty or responsible for the financial markets are not moral, theyre not immoral, morality doesnt even exist here because it forexcashbackeasy its own rules of the game and it has moral rules, and I respect those rules and I care about those rules, and in addition, you have to remember that Ive not only made billions of dollars, Ive also lost billions of dollars, so as As a participant, win or lose, we have to follow the rules, and as someone who cares about the morality of society, I want to improve our rules, which is the idea of an open society, and thats where my money is spent Soros said in an interview with Phoenix TV: lost, the fund size shrunk by 70% Asian financial market speculation and the subsequent economic crisis, Soros became famous around the world, but since then it has been bad luck, bad luck has come to the door In 1998, with the success of speculation in Southeast Asian markets, Soros commanded its Quantum Fund to enter the Russian market, but because of Russias inability to repay the debt owed, resulting in the Quantum Fund was hit hard, losing nearly $ 2 billion bad, a decade of lawsuits come to the door After a decade of investigation and evidence, the Paris District Court decided earlier this year to prosecute Soros and four others for Soros and others illegally obtained important information, and use this information to make illegal profits Fear, Thai people ready rotten eggs Right now, Soros is facing one of the most embarrassing things: Thailands streets have a lot of rotten eggs waiting for him Soros had planned to visit Thailand on February 1 this year, to participate in a seminar on economic development in Asia, and prepare to deliver a speech entitled the crisis of the capitalist system Old, the financial predator ready to After several setbacks, some people believe that the old tricks Soros used to make money no longer work and some even say that Soros has reached the point of exhaustion. Soros, who is 70 years old, also said that he has lost his insight into financial trends and his influence on financial markets will fade. Im old, I have to be conservative, Im like an old boxer, should not return to the ring. Compared with the previous years of infamy, Soros has done more good in recent years, for example, he established universities and research institutions in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, funding education, etc. Also commissioned by the U.S. government to manage a fund for the former Eastern Europe, such as Yugoslavia In his later years, Soros contradictory personality has become more evident, and perhaps a real change has taken place.