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Teach you forex trading in the end how to review review what content

1, review to forexcashbackeasy trading records, the first transaction reconstruction cashbackforex classification of general by investment, speculation, arbitrage d forex cashback easytinction 2, cashback forex at yesterdays after-hours & todays before-hours cashbackforexpip, to see what contingencies are not foreseen 3, judge the memo in a variety of magical ideas 100%cashbackforex are completely unfeasible, which can be expanded to study 4, arbitrage trading for mature traders is generally a reflection on the role of todays emotional control, sweep a glance on the end of 5, special circumstances will find new arbitrage mode, make a mark 6, speculative trading is a time-consuming category in the review is generally seriesoftrades, that is, for a series of subject operations my approach is to have a special entity folder to store the subject of the basic Financial analysis, business chain, news, rumor (news and rumor relationship is more subtle) and their own operations 7, the core of the analysis lies in the logic of the logic of the companys management, the logic of the market, their own logic how to analyze the development of another answer, not table 8, investment transactions instead of how to review, the whole system, whether pre-investment assessment or post-investment risk control are different from the first two mainly Concerned about the process of opening positions in the control of risk exposure, in addition to market sentiment which is absolutely work outside the poem 9, look at the long-term memo, combined with short-term memo to see which notes to modify, which subjects need to change the position 10, all look at even a calculation of the actual position of the risk situation, to anticipate the possible problems encountered under the change position 11, back to look at todays market hotspots, individual stock news, macro News, and excellent market commentary 12, write tonights memo above are not strictly followed, according to the maximum written early strictly followed, the results of the basic 10 oclock to be free almost so it, may have missed, does not affect the general distribution or want to say that the work outside the poem, more reading and more communication is the king