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Technical analysis of the combination of the application of averages

  Mov forexcashbackeasyg cashbackforex trend analys cashbackforexpip of the most basic method is based on the famous American analyst Granbiers investment rules formed on the basis of the currency 100%cashbackforex average analysis of the currency trend of the method of the so-called currency moving average method, is the use of moving average of the exchange rate to make the exchange rate changes in a curved method can be used to long-term analysis of changes in the exchange rate forex cashback easy Prediction moving average method is in the time series analysis omitted in the original series of some occasional or periodic fluctuations, in turn take a certain number of items to calculate the resulting series of averages, the formation of a new series of curves with less change, to show the long-term development trend of the exchange rate average its calculation process is: first calculate the average of the initial N items of the time series, and then the front to delete one, after adding one, calculate the The second N average, and then the same method to calculate the average of the latter in the average, to a day as the starting point, take the previous period of time for the calculation cycle, to calculate the average of the closing price of the daily exchange rate during this period, the average is the starting point of the day of the exchange rate and then from the second day, still take the same number of days to calculate the average, as the second day of the exchange rate if March 5, the beginning of the production of the 5-day moving average, then the average of the exchange rate on March 5 should be the average of the closing price of the exchange rate from March 2 to March 6 (here the 5 days should be 5 trading days), and so on, with the calculation of the day, constantly marked the same time interval of the average, depicting the curve, which is the moving average of the exchange rate using the moving average method, the advantage is that over a period of time to reduce the chance factors on the curve, so that the curve becomes rounded, investors can easily understand the trend of curve changes in general, when the moving average is rising, and the exchange rate falls below the average, which is the trend of the exchange rate will fall signal; conversely, it is a prelude to the rise in the exchange rate moving average is generally composed of 5-day, 10-day and 30-day moving average, but investors with different investment strategies can change this parameter to suit own use of the value in with multiple (I use 8) different time K- cashback forex, in order to provide themselves with more accurate timing of buying and selling moving averages are divided by the number of single line, double line cross, three line cross, according to the calculation method is divided into simple, weighted, exponential moving averages in the big market performance than other more complex and delicate operating system, and simple and convenient when the closing price is high with the moving average You can enter the market to buy, and vice versa to sell a single moving average due to sampling data is relatively single, sometimes frequently send the wrong signal in order to reduce errors and enhance the accuracy of the signal, people in practice based on the introduction of three moving average combination application we will be short-term, medium-term, long-term these three moving average combination, and then with different K-line, which is to grasp the favorable timing of buying and selling and judge the trend In the combination of moving averages, when the short-term line sharply beyond the medium and long-term line to move up, this is a buy signal; when the K line is located at the top and with the short and medium-term line side by side, and each moving average is an uptrend, this indicates that the market is still in an uptrend, you can continue to hold positions; when the rising market continues for a period of time, the short-term line from the stagnant state of the high point of a downtrend, indicating that When the short-term line from the high level of the downward breakthrough of the medium and long-term line, this is the last time to liquidate positions; when the long and short-term averages and K lines in order from the top to the bottom of the parallel, and each line is down, this indicates a typical weak market; when the weak market continues for a considerable period of time, the short-term line from the bottom to the upward trend, this is an excellent time to take the bottom in Combined lines, if the exchange rate continues to fall to the bottom after the upward movement, the order at this time, respectively, the short and long-term lines, their alignment also changed in turn, first of all, the short-term line breakthrough medium-term line, and then cross the long-term line at the top, after which the medium-term line breakthrough to the long-term line above the breakthrough point for the golden cross, referred to as the golden fork, this point can be confirmed that the market will enter the rising period this is the so-called long alignment, is Conversely, the exchange rate rose to the high price area hovering up and down, then turn down, with the passage of time, the short and long-term lines also gradually downward, gradually break through the crossover, the point of intersection of medium and long-term lines is the death cross, referred to as a dead cross, which means the end of the rising market moving averages at this time for short arrangements in the combination of moving averages in the application, investors should be based on their actual operating strategy Set the corresponding parameters, must live and learn, regardless of the short and long term, do not use the 5 day, 10 day, 30 day average combination, investors can explore their own average combination of suitable for their own operating strategies