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The best way to reduce losses

&nb forexcashbackeasy; Why do I want to propose, accord cashbackforexpipg to the location of a reasonable stop cashbackforex th forex cashback easy concept? I see a lot of the introduction of the foreign 100%cashbackforex cashback forex, including the stock market books are introduced to say that the wrong need to stop loss, but no details on how to stop loss I found in practice, not just stop loss, sometimes just stop loss, the exchange rate quickly rebounded, and even just over the price of stop loss, so you suffer significant losses if this time you chase to buy, buy the currency will be reduced, you can not accept from the psychological so people are generally wait and see, mainly. I hope that the exchange rate can fall below the stop-loss level, their books also look good some exchange rate does not shift to your will the exchange rate may rise sharply, so that you do not have the opportunity to buy again most traders have adopted a strategy of waiting, hoping that the exchange rate reached yesterdays low, even if it is lowered a little, I re-enter the market and the exchange rate continues to rise, he began to anxious, it is reckless to buy, the results of the opportunity to hedge great high after hedging, the exchange rate began to fall back, it is time to stop loss he made another mistake, and to an extreme, that the exchange rate is only a small pullback, the space to rise is still very large, I slowly wait, you can take profits and then leave the field so that you can make up for the last loss I observed that every time this pullback after a large upturn, there are deep pullbacks occur This is the foreign exchange market can often hear the phrase: a sharp rise must have a sharp fall sharp fall There must be a surge so this friend suffered two losses, while he waited, the exchange rate is constantly falling, may fall more than a few hundred points he was afraid to fall again, thinking, I now sell first, and so in the fall of a few hundred points to buy back, so you can still make money after the deep pullback in the exchange rate, it is possible to start a rebound, at which point the selling price may be a reversal point, that is, to a temporary low point a lot People are so loss stop loss is also a discipline my understanding of the stop loss and the correct use of the principle is in accordance with the trend to carry out a reasonable stop loss in 2003, the dollar fell in the market, the trend is very obvious, that is, the dollar in a long-term, long downward process to grasp the general trend, to do the heart, will not be disorderly in the domestic personal foreign exchange trading, no foreign margin The magnification of the transaction, so the trapped funds will not be like the margin burst from the birth of the euro 11740 to the lowest 08220 euro is only down about 30%, even if you buy the highest price, but also the loss of 30% of the funds but in a long time, your capital utilization rate is almost zero so in the dollar rose, stop loss is necessary when we come to this market is to profit, in order to make their own funds to expand after the stop loss can be bought at a lower position my experience is that in the dollar against other currencies rose sharply, the trend of other currencies look weak, you need to strictly stop loss stop loss single to follow closely at all times in such a unilateral down market, you can only grab the bounce, after a sharp decline to buy other currencies, in the bounce quickly close positions, in order to profit this is a short term trading-based operation in such In such a market, it is unlikely to do long term and must be strictly stop-loss such as 1999 to 2000 the Swiss franc down market if not stop-loss, you are deeply trapped probability is very large, maybe a set is more than 1 year because in the foreign exchange market, once the trend is established, it is difficult to reverse if the high point to buy, trapped thousands of points are also a lot of people in this should be the foreign exchange market in a saying: no from the bottom to the top, only from the top to the bottom of the dollar weakness in the dollar. Only from the top to the bottom in the dollar weakness, other currencies stronger trend, if you hold a non-dollar currency, as long as you see the trend, see this trend is the dollar down, the specific judgment can refer to the previous chapters on the graph, we just see that the exchange rate has reversed, the short-term stop loss may be subject to loss, or can not be bought back with the price after the stop loss at this point, the use of stop loss do not too much how to predict the foreign exchange market Trend speculation in foreign exchange is difficult, one is to distinguish the market is long, short or consolidation pattern, the second is to overcome the human weakness of operating against the market, for this reason we must continue to accumulate experience to increase awareness, but also to the fundamentals of the technical aspects of diligent research and judgment, there is no shortcut to this