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The foreign exchange trading experience foreign exchange veterans to achieve stable profits all because of these five points the road to simplicity!

As a trader you, with the passage of time, cashbackforex continue to accumulate their own life experience and forex cashback easy experience? The companys main goal cashbackforexpip to make sure cashback forex the companys products and services are available to the public. Say goodbye to the history of losses, meet the new semester, enter a new track, believe in yourself, you can 100%cashbackforex it! On a certain day in July, after being teased by an oscillating market, I seemed very annoyed with forexcashbackeasy fire, not from the annoyance of the market, but for their own trading behavior and system of serious dissatisfaction always make the same mistakes, always unable to achieve a long period of stable profitability of such days, seemingly endless as a trading for a living, as a person with a deep understanding of the market, this phenomenon Is it normal? Not normal and unreasonable So, that day I did a deep review and wrote myself a sentence: No more major losses! This is my new commitment to foreign exchange trading military order that is out, this is my solemn commitment to their own foreign exchange trading life no more major losses, this is a deafening order, this is my bottom line for their future transactions, or do not come back to this market! From that day onwards, my trading no longer appear big retracement of all transactions, are controlled within 3% of the fluctuations in order to this commitment, I systematically organized from the trading concept, trading system to risk control of a number of links, and to simplify the record Trading concept chapter: the road to simplicity, clear definition of trading behavior everyone see, we read so many books, learn so many trading masters The experience summary of the previous generation, whether they have their own special recognition of the trading concept? If not, can be a good summary of the concept of their own summary of so many trading ideas, we concluded that the most useful idea is that the Avenue to simplicity Avenue to simplicity is the basic guiding principle for dealing with trading problems Its theoretical thinking is: in controversial issues, choose to use the simplest, most simple way and ideas to deal with the risky issues, choose to use the most conservative way to deal with all Each trader, according to this trading scheme, will come to the same trading conclusion if the principle of simplicity has become the basis of our trading theory. Answers on this theoretical guidance, we can regulate behavior and self-discipline, clearly define the details of the transaction, there is no ambiguity ambiguity exists  regulation of foreign exchange trading behavior: to maintain the consistency of trading strategies, methods, steps can be implemented a clear classification of trading methods, intra-day short term and intermediate trend trading to determine the trading method, specify the similarities and differences between the two trading methods brush single, do brush single The trend; do trend, go to do trend, clearly defined to maintain a low retracement, eliminate trading losses, is the fundamental starting point for all rules of conduct for doing capital management to do trading, I can finally completely accept that low retracement is the fundamental starting point for all trading behavior for a senior trader, the only way to make money is to maintain a low retracement, it is also possible to always make money low retracement is the basic premise of eliminating trading losses low The premise of retraction is to do a good job position capital management that I have repeatedly stressed light trading as for the choice of position, can be very flexible, but the premise is still light position  summarize the key words of this article above, do these five points, you will begin to embark on the road to life winner: First, foreign exchange trading, the pursuit of the road to simplicity, behavior clearly definable therefore, the analysis system I only use the most common mean system three to Five averages, used to determine the K-line support resistance and running range second, forex trading strategy and behavior to maintain a high degree of consistency and continuity not in the position, position, stop loss, trading varieties and other details of the issue of ambiguity clearly defined positions, varieties, capital management and other core details of all the tedious are removed third, low retracement is the root of all forex trading if you can not do this, do not come Foreign exchange market because here there are 99.9% of the total loss of blood and tears, heavy speculation and fluke is the biggest demon, a waste of time, life, physical strength and ideals Fourth, remember a little to set yourself a premise, do not allow significant losses in trading tell yourself how to do, and to ensure that you can do this to do everything possible to ensure the realization of this article Fifth, good personal habits And stable and comfortable emotions, will strongly guarantee the success of forex trading personal life into a state of chaos traders, the probability of success will be very low avenue to simplicity, the natural!