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do foreign exchange tw forex cashback easyts cashbackforex turns almost two and a half years, more or less some forexcashbackeasysights, write out and share with you, but also considered a review and summary of their own trading ideas cashbackforexpip began to contact the foreign exchange from the end of 07 07 years, the stock market is booming, I a financial white, there is no intention always feel 100%cashbackforex is a very distant and strange world from their own. Later, I saw my colleague buying a bond fund, and out of curiosity, I started to try and buy a little bit from then on, I officially entered the field of financial investment. Contact with the fund, also began to care about the various news in the field of investment when the bank began to buy and sell paper gold, and all the major media said gold to rise I also bought a little price back and forth, the book has won and lost, is cashback forex sure when to take profits to understand, when to buy then searched for a foreign exchange gold forum, from this forum know the MT4 software at first nothing, simply can not read This software on the K line is what it means so began a long road of research in fact, at first with MT4 is to see the price of gold, for the above jumping foreign exchange I am basically not interested but then found that all the discussion Mt4 foreign exchange forum, the mainstream are foreign exchange, not gold and everyone is talking about margin trading curiosity, began to gradually understand the foreign exchange margin trading foreign exchange state  >  Forex trading experience tips (now closed) at that time I fire line on more, because there are some so-called ultra-short master estimated in 07, 08 years mixed fire line people know fire line Zhang Davids dolphin trading system it I was as a foreign exchange white, for Zhang David simply onion white to the five bodies to the ground I Zhang Davids post seriously all read again, but also his lecture copy in the MP3, in the work of the The subway to listen to this study, ah, when the college entrance exams, exams, I guess so in addition to the forum, I also bought a large number of books on investment, but, now it seems that the basic are junk books, none of the classics at the time bought a set of foreign exchange trading tutorials prepared by the Russians, a total of 6, 7 books, actually finished reading now has almost no impression of the just ran to the bookcase to look at the, such a pile of bad books, ah, I cant believe it. Such a pile of bad books, ah, there are actually gold investment analysts intermediate and advanced tutorials so, while reading the book, while learning to trade on the forum, and opened a mock position practice is strange, David Zhang said the godlike dolphin trading method, I just can not use the simple KDJ resonance, I also can not properly grasp his system, trading rules uncertainty is too great feeling this system, except for his own, no one will use it. Anyway, I cant I studied English in college, so foreign languages can still be so, the system introduced by the domestic forum can not, I turned to the foreign forum remember then often go to the forex-tsd, forexfactory, babypips, forexpeacearmy (now also often go to the home of foreign exchange ea stroll) which has I not only studied other peoples systems, but also used all kinds of fancy indicators to try to put together a system of my own. It is said to be used to do ultra-short speed is good, so I chose this remittance of $ 500 can not remember what the first single do, anyway, not long after the position was burst later and try a variety of systems, or still burst in despair, suddenly heard of EA such advanced goods so, and began to study EA crazy at that time, basically no one in the country to write EA, the circulation of EA are mentioned above the forum circulated out EAForex-tsd has some free EA releases, but there is also an exclusive board, you need to pay, according to the site itself boasts a very good effect, so pay, buy access, and start the long road of EA testing remember that at that time, the EA that can be placed under Forex-tsd basically used the software that comes with MT4 to test the historical data once the formidable money curve ah, often put their own jaws down! I thought, if I could use this EA to make money for myself, and use it for a few years, wouldnt it be a huge fortune? So, picked a few EA, with a demo position began to test every day before going to work to make sure that the EA has been opened, and then come back from work to see how much money the EA has made for themselves measured and measured to get a few months, found that the effect is very unsatisfactory so, the Internet search more NB EA later found an EA, said to be the second place in the EA competition, anyway, then quite famous seems to be 100 U.S. dollars with a month or so, I will I paid for that EA because there is no MT4 real position on hand, or use the simulation position to test first, thinking, if good, immediately open a real position to use not so good luck, it happened to be March, April 08, the world financial crisis began, EA before the operation of the market environment began to change EA began to lose money, it seems that the EA authors own pension account also quickly shrunk 30% EA author also Specially to the user group email, explaining the dilemma, and said he was in full debugging EA parameters, I believe that soon you can reverse the loss anyway, I can not believe it again, EA this thing must be computer 24 hours without shutdown, broadband without disconnection, otherwise, it is likely that due to untimely data transmission, and lead to errors or delays in placing orders, and lead to losses at the time the popular solution is to rent a server (What specific equipment I do not understand, that is, online people sell this service, you rent his equipment, he package you EA 24 hours normal operation), so 24 hours not worry about but the cost is too high, so I had to give up So, EA the road to make money is also blocked in the study of EA at the same time, I also opened a few real position, are burst for the end of July 08 I went to the United States to study, read law graduate school, the study is very busy In July 08 I went to the United States to study law graduate school, the study is very busy, plus the previous has been losing money, a little discouraged, so the study of foreign exchange will be temporarily put to once in the United States, the foreign exchange or a hitch will take a look, but the actual operation is very little look at the foreign exchange at the same time, I will also look at the stock market trends at that time on the Ocean Tribe Forum, happened to see inside Qi Tian Da Sheng AAA in early 08 short HSI futures, profits of hundreds of millions of instant I was amazed to learn that there are people who make money doing financial investment, and they can make a lot of money as to how he did it, I dont know, but his admiration is like a huge river. AAA legend, but no longer see his trail pity ah, pity in the United States, on the fire line is less fire line ultra-short people, and similar to forex-tsd, everyone is keen to find a so-called holy grail so inside the more noisy, a variety of indicators and mechanical trading system full of flying and I experienced before the system and indicators of crazy obsession, and finally feel that this thing is not reliable also In this period, I began to reflect on the previous ultra-short heavy trading ideas began to pay attention to the importance of capital management, and review a single position opening the expected wind ratio because, at this time, I have understood that long-term survival in this market, not a windfall, but the need to take advantage of the probability of long-term I from the ultra-short, slowly shifting to the medium and long-term trading concept research medium and long-term trading of the first trading method. It is the famous turtle trading method turtle method of trading concept is very simple, is to break through a certain stage of the highest price to open a position, and then according to a certain stage of the daily average price true volatility (ATR) to calculate the amount of open positions and positions, after the price falls back to a certain stage of the lowest price to close the position is really simple can not be simpler, but the turtle Dennis is using this method to obtain a huge fortune and the above paragraph mentioned The posters mentioned in the previous paragraph also made a lot of money with this method. For the core of the turtle method to be able to profit, my understanding is that this system in the probability of maintaining a profitable single profit far more than a loss of a single loss of the turtle method of opening and stop loss involves a certain stage of the daily average ATR, more complex, here will not expand on the sum of all, using the turtle method, you can ensure that the cost of small losses, firmly seized Every big wave of the market unless the market keeps repeatedly shaking, as long as a single-sided market, the turtle method of profit is quite substantial use of this method, I in November 2009 when gold broke through the previous high to catch a big wave of upward market, the biggest gains ever unfortunately I do is paper gold business, can not use the margin leverage to increase positions, otherwise I get the profit should be several times the profit at that time But interestingly, I later studied Denniss experience, found that his investment in Wall Street is not as legendary as always smooth sailing seems that he himself did not fully comply with the turtle method of trading rules, excessive trading, coupled with later changes in the market environment, the shock market led to his capital was stopped out back and forth, the loss is also quite a lot he finally had to give up the turtle method later said he developed other trading I still didnt use the turtle method as my own trading system because I felt that the core value of the turtle was his unique research on money management, not on the study of opening and closing positions. Open a position, the win rate is too low this time, further contribute to my trading ideas change, should also be another forum for another person domestic foreign exchange forum in addition to the fire line, there are two forums I often patronize one is, the other is the exchange guest, of course, now this forum also fell out of favor to go mainly to see there are various moderators of the fundamentals and foreign exchange market analysis, and to go to the exchange guest, mainly to read a persons I believe that people who often browse the exchange guest must know that the exchange guest has a post called Abbott talk about trading (tomorrow I will continue to contribute to the summary of Abbotts article, released to the Foreign Exchange Institute) Abbott gave me the greatest inspiration is to trade according to the pattern of currency movements Abbott made a detailed summary of the classic market patterns, and also carefully calculated the win rate of the single according to various market patterns Then, if the win rate of the pattern Statistics are valid, and according to the form of the order will be in the probability of making their own out of the winning side and then combined with the turtle method of opening positions, money management, you can ensure that you can do on the capital side with a small stop loss to catch the big market, then long-term stable profit will still be a difficult thing? Although there is a certain understanding of the pattern, but after all, there is no systematic study of this time, I suddenly thought of a book I bought TechnicalAnalysisExplained fourth edition (books e-book version can be downloaded in ea home) this book is to buy after arriving in the United States, but unfortunately, usually busy studying, bought after, basically threw aside later The United States after the arrival of that accelerated degree in August 2009 back to China after the economic crisis, the legal market is very bad, it is difficult to find work, so the original version of this large part of the English to move out to read a few hundred pages of the book, but found that the writing is quite easy to understand, and logical is also very strong, read simply enjoy ah a breath, all read is considered to have a comprehensive understanding of the market, some of the original I was impressed by the description of the market patterns, the application of trend lines and the use of kinetic indicators to read the book, I felt that it was not enough to read the original English version of the Japanese candlestick chart and the original English version of Bollinger Bands. Recommended Murphys technical analysis of the futures market, a cursory look at the content and TechnicalAnalysisExplained the fourth edition of the content is similar, and did not look at these books for technical analysis is sound, easy to understand the contrast with many domestic authors of the book, but is pretending to be a ghost of the majority of the special point to be reminded is that it is best to see the original English version of the book The quality of some of the translations, is really not complimentary, a good classic, turned into a mess personally feel to see a TechnicalAnalysisExplained fourth edition and a Japanese candlestick chart, in terms of technical analysis, has been completely sufficient for many gimmicks of technology, most of the flashy but not real If you want to improve on the trading mentality, you can look at the stock do My futures classmates are repeatedly reading these three books, combined with their own insights, achieved very good results after reading these books, is to let me completely give up the idea of doing ultra-short began to focus on the larger dimension of the market before always focus on the M5 a market, look at the daily chart is rare, H4 trend will dare to take as a trend to analyze the chart now H4 basic do not look at the next. Daily and weekly charts to see the most, and occasionally look at the monthly chart trading cycle also put longer, position can be several months more concerned about money management and increase positions, rather than guessing the top and bottom of the transaction is very low frequency, low to a few months only once or twice, but each transaction win rate increased a lot during the period, I began to pay attention to stock forums and some famous financial blogs not that I want to speculate, but I found that technical analysis is very bull But if technical analysis can be combined with fundamental analysis, it is even more bull and in some bull stock forums and financial blogs, can provide very good fundamental analysis of the idea of stock forums I go to the most is the Amoy stock bar, one is to see the market analysis of the bull inside, but to see the market sentiment of the crowd, as a reference for market judgment In short, I feel that I am gradually finding a suitable trading method for myself Just like martial arts novels have a variety of NB weapon secrets, the world also has an endless number of trading methods, in the world of trading may be comparable to the leaning sword butcher knife, but may not be suitable for me and I just need to fit my one, regardless of whether it is a kitchen knife or a bench, can kill people to defend themselves the most important summary of my trading ideas: 1. Any market is from the oscillation in the brewing trend, breakthrough oscillation after the formation of trends The trend after acceleration, retracement, and then decay, and then again shock, the formation of a new trend shock uncertainty, the trend formed after the certainty of large trading point lies in the uncertainty of the market to grasp the certainty of the market 2. Not greed, not fear, follow the trend to increase positions, not to grab the bounce 5.