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The Golden Mean

Origin of the Golden Mean The mathematician Fabrans wrote a book in the forexcashbackeasy"https://www.fxeasycashback.com">100%cashbackforex3th century about the combinations of some strange numbers The combinations of these strange numbers are 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233... Any one of these numbers cashbackforex the sum of the previous two numbers 2=1+1, 3=2+1, 5=3+2, 8=5+3... By analogy, some say that these numbers are derived from his study of the pyramids, which are closely related to the strange numbers listed above. The geometry of the pyramid has five faces, eight sides, cashback forex a total of thirteen levels. Two consecutive ratios, such as 55/89 = forex cashback easy. cashbackforexpip, 89/144 = 0.618, 144/233 = 0.618 In addition, the length of any side of a pyramid pentagonal tower is equal to 0.618 of this pentagonal diagonal (Diagonal) Also, the total number of the four sides of the bottom is 36524.22 inches, a number equal to one hundred times the number of light years!  The reciprocal of 0.618 is 1.618 like 14/89=1.168, 233/144=1.168, and 0.618?1.168=is equal to 1 Another person has studied sunflowers and found that sunflower flowers have 89 flower braids, 55 towards one side and 34 towards the other Mystery? Yes, this group of numbers is called the mystery numbers and 0.618, 1.618 is called the golden section (GoldenSection) Characteristics of the golden section The most basic formula of the golden section is to divide 1 into 0.618 and 0.382, which have the following characteristics: (1) Any number in the series is composed of the sum of the first two numbers (2) The ratio of the former number to the latter number is close to one. (3) the ratio of the latter number to the former number, tends to be 1.618 (4) 1.618 and 0.618 are reciprocal, and their product is approximately equal to 1 (5) any number compared with the latter two numbers, its value tends to be 2.618; if compared with the former two numbers, its value tends to be 0.382 Rationalized, the above list of odd numbers In addition to the two basic ratios of 0.618 and 0.382 that reflect the golden mean, the following two mysterious ratios exist: (1) 0.191, 0.382, 0.5, 0.618, 0.809 (2) 1, 1.382, 1.5, 1.618, 2, 2.382, 2.618 The use of the golden mean in investment In price trend forecasting According to the two groups of golden ratio there are two golden ratio analysis method The first method: to the stock price in the recent trend of the important peak or bottom, that is, the important high or low point for the calculation of the measurement of the future trend of the basis, when the stock price rises, to the bottom of the stock price as the base, the decline in reaching a certain golden ratio is more likely to be supported when the market is near the end, the stock price occurred after a sharp rise or fall, its rise and fall to reach a certain important golden When the ratio, it may occur after the second method: after the market has turned, whether it is to stop falling to rise reversal or to stop rising to fall reversal, to the recent trend of the important peak and bottom between the amount of rise as the base of measurement, the original rise and fall by 0.191, 0.382, 0.5, 0.618, 0.809 split for five gold points stock prices in the post-turn trend will likely be in these gold The points encounter temporary resistance or support For example: when the down market ends before the lowest price of a stock 10 yuan, then, when the stock price reverses up, investors can calculate in advance a variety of different counter pressure price, also the main is not 10?(1 + 19.1%) = 11.9 yuan, 10?(1 + 38.2%) = 13.8, 1 = ? (1 + 61.8%) = $16.2, 10?(1 + 80.9%) = $18.1, 10?(1 + 100%) = $20, 10 + (1 + 119.1%) = $21.9, and then, according to the actual stock price changes to do discretion Conversely, before the end of the rising market, the highest price of a stock is 30 yuan, then, when the stock price reverses down, investors can also calculate a variety of (1-19.1%) = $24.3, 30 (1-38.2%) = $18.5, 30 (1-61.8%) = $11.5, 30 (1-80.9%) = $5.7, and then, according to the actual change of the situation to do discretion The golden ratio of the divine number because there is no theory as the basis, so some people criticize is superstition, is The golden mean is used in the wave theory created by Eliot, and has become the backbone of the world-famous wave, widely used by investment people. Or can all ecology of nature be explained by mysterious numbers? This question can only be seen in the eyes of the beholder but the golden mean in the stock market no one knows, no one uses, as an investor can not not this study, just can not be too obsessed with it!