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The gorgeous dancer between the red and green lines - grassroots hero K line dance trading story

K l forex cashback easye dance, very literary name le cashbackforexurely stroll in the investment forexcashbackeasy market, in the K line cashbackforexpip indicators 100%cashbackforextween the light dance, the cruel financial world as their own The next time, lets go into his world and see how he danced a gorgeous dance between the red and green lines ID: K-line dance, real name cashback forex Xuebing, now living in Huizhou, Guangdong, ranked fifth in the Alpari Aifuri Cup 1st Investment Hero Masters Invitational Tournament, paragraph platinum five As an excellent The dancer, first of all, talent is extremely important ------ I have a feeling for the digital K-line, I like to make an analysis of the rise and fall of the market, each time the analysis is finished, if it reaches my expectations, I will have a sense of accomplishment The sensitivity to the numbers, so that Mr. Liu in the world of trading innately has the incomparable advantage of others, just like a very talented dancer The same dance is so elegant and beautiful anything in the world, in addition to talent, constant practice is also essential Mr. Liu at the beginning of the industry, as an analyst, mainly to lecture, this experience has allowed him to accumulate a lot of valuable experience in trading, 08 years Mr. Liu began to Liu began to serve as management, but still continued to adhere to the research of the trading market, and then Liu began to focus on the domestic precious metals trading market, such as the Sky Exchange, the Canton Exchange and so on, he has deep research In the 08-12 years, Liu focused on engaging in direct trading of GBP/USD, in the 10-11 years focused on EUR/USD, in the 12-13 years focused on gold trading three Time period, Mr. Liu is focused on a variety, according to him, the uniqueness of the variety can make the analysis more targeted, the analysis of indicators will also be relatively single, the idea will be easier and clearer  in the continuous trading, Mr. Liu has studied a set of their own methodology, according to its summary is twelve words: grasp the point, risk control, capital management gold market fluctuations up and down, the ups and downs The point may be quite large, so it does not need to do so tight, after the analysis put the right point, through such a roller coaster market can get larger profits My teacher told me: in this market there will always be technical school and basic school, and I belong to the combination of both In the trading method, Liu teacher believes that technical analysis is essential, the so-called fast in and fast out is not The way to take the transaction seriously, some play the nature of the ticket, do a single must have a plan, can not be so arbitrary In the transaction, you can according to FX168 news combined with data as a reference, combined with data indicators released when the mouth plus the technical signal to do, so the success rate will be higher And in doing technical analysis, there are two key points, one is, the market forecast if go well If the words of the market forecast, may be beyond the point where; Secondly, the market forecast is not ideal, what kind of reaction may have But pay attention to one thing, in front of a major data, technology often does not come in handy, such as non-farm payrolls and other important indicators, the trend and direction has no meaning, the plate may change in an instant Fundamentals and technical aspects of the combination, there is a focus on The trend, the trend is well judged, position control in place, then you can certainly make considerable gains for example, when the fundamental major news, the trend has changed, you need to allocate a large number of positions, then you will find the importance of position control  will be important to lock losses within control, find the reason in the loss is more important than profit  a successful trader, the The most important thing is to have a good understanding of how to deal with the situation. A few losses are very normal and easy to deal with when the loss amount is large, you should first reflect on whether you have done a good job of risk control, at least in time to stop losses when they occur, so as to strengthen the ability to resist the risk of each transaction should be taken seriously, stop loss, stop gain both to do a good record to do a review to avoid large losses, while facilitating each transaction after the summary review of the transaction has not I think of the investment hero as a competition, all the way to the strongest, do not take it seriously, it is likely to fall where it went For the investment hero, Mr. Liu felt that this simulation trading and the previous launch are very different, one is the competition on the network, the number of people is not limited, in a large number of people stand out is not easy, two is the investment hero in the The players are using the network ID, each other do not know each other before who is, may be your opponent is your friend in reality, may also be a high-end traders or analysts but from another point of view, in such a simulation trading win, its gold will be higher In the investment hero competition, Mr. Liu think will also be different from the real market, one is the relationship of the simulation plate, position The second is that the amount of profit is generally not high, due to the factors of the competition system, short-term trading may be more favorable, and money management and risk control for the promotion and win points is still a great role