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The importance of the U.S. non-farm payrolls data

The importance of the cashbackforex depends on the focus of the cashback forex In the past, the market cashbackforexpip particularly sensitive to some economic data, especially the ma forex cashback easy event of trade data, net capital inflows, gross domestic product, 100%cashbackforex even leading indicators, weekly first-time claims for un forexcashbackeasy benefits, etc., can use the data to speculate a lot  But now some of the impact of the data has been greatly reduced, investors to repeatedly high trade deficit began to feel numb, to the same record high net capital inflows also no surprise. Now the market is concerned about the old problem of the trade deficit has shifted to the problem of inflation, so the importance of inflation data such as the consumer price index, producer price index is increasing  Thus, the influence of data will shift with the focus of the market only one The influence of the data but the influence of the enduring, that is, the U.S. employment report in the non-agricultural employment of new jobs employment report is usually known as the foreign exchange market to react to all economic indicators in the XO, it is the most sensitive market monthly economic indicators, of which the foreign exchange market pays special attention to the seasonally adjusted monthly employment changes, this group of figures by the U.S. Department of Labor in the first Friday of each month Friday  The report provides employment-related information, including the results of two separate surveys, including the Business Survey and the Household Survey, compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in cooperation with state employment security agencies, based on a sample of about 380,000 non-agricultural establishments, providing information on employment in the non-agricultural sector, average hourly work and total hours index, also known as the payrollsurvey; which household survey information is by the U.S. Census Bureau (CensusBureau) first for the current population survey (CurrentPopulationSurvey), mainly with a sample of 60,000 households as the survey object, and then the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and then statistical unemployment rate & nbsp; provides information about the labor force, household employment and unemployment rate, while non-agricultural employment measures the number of people earning in all non-agricultural industries, such as manufacturing and services, etc. Therefore, non-agricultural employment reflects the development of manufacturing and service industries and their growth, a decrease in the number of enterprises to reduce production, the economy is entering a depression and recession when the social economy is booming, consumption naturally follows and When the non-agricultural employment figure increases significantly, it reflects a fairly healthy economy, which should theoretically be beneficial to the exchange rate, so the figure is an important indicator of the socio-economic and financial development of the United States. Because it has the ability to turn the world upside down because the number itself is a good or bad predictor of the U.S. economic outlook, therefore, in the one or two days before the release of the data, as long as the market has any speculation about this value, the market will be in the wind  far away, a few months ago you remember the non-farm payrolls announced two days before a survey agency ADP forecast non-farm data, the data show that U.S. companies in June is expected to add The data showed that U.S. companies are expected to add 368,000 jobs in June, compared with an increase of 122,000 in May, suggesting that the U.S. economy is still very strong, the above data forced many analysts to adjust their original estimates of the U.S. Department of Labors non-farm payrolls increase in June, that is, the market dollar was enthusiastically pursued  The sharp increase in new jobs may consolidate the market for the FED to raise interest rates again by 25 basis points to fight inflation expectations if If a significant increase in employment is accompanied by a decline in the unemployment rate, FED policymakers will be more vigilant, because it may represent inflationary pressures will increase the results of the data were quite disappointing, non-farm payrolls in June only increased by 121,000, the results of the dollar in the week immediately following as if riding a roller coaster, rising fast, falling faster on average, as the first major U.S. data, non-farm payrolls, on average, also has about 192 points of volatility, the dollar trend is a dragon is a bug, but also depends on the non-farm  analysts generally believe that non-farm employment data will have an impact on whether the Federal Reserve decides to cut interest rates in the coming months recently released a series of U.S. data, including pending home sales, ISM manufacturing report, and so on, did not change the markets view of the U.S. economic outlook