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The influence of exchange rate movements - news

leveraged foreign cashbackforex trad cashback forexg as a foreign exchange derivatives trading, forex cashback easy based on the judgment of the exchange forexcashbackeasy trend 100%cashbackforex the transaction and the impact of exchange rate movements are very many factors, market supply and demand, national monetary policy, exchange rate adjustments, central bank officials forward guidance, etc., but a lot of information is expressed in the form of cashbackforexpip, so the foreign exchange market outside the often Today, lets talk about the impact of news on trading. The total determinants of exchange rates can be divided into expected and unanticipated factors, generally speaking, the unanticipated news is called "News" (News), specifically, "News News" refers to those unpredictable events, including the publication of economic statistics, political events, new international monetary arrangements, rumors, etc. But it should be noted: the foreign exchange markets reaction to the news does not depend on whether the news itself is good or bad, but on whether the news is "better" or "worse" than the market expected. " or "worse" because the foreign exchange transaction itself is the judgment of the future exchange rate trend, so the expected information is already included in the existing market exchange rate, the exchange rate only according to the unpredicted information changes for example, we usually say the Black Swan event, the reason why the Black Swan event is called Black swans, rather than white swans because the number of black swans and the possibility of black swans is very small, few people can predict, suppose the 2016 election is Hillary, then will be a black swan? If the Swiss central bank in 2015 had not been so strong in its officials or had revealed some whispers or discussions in advance before suddenly announcing the abandonment of the exchange rate floor, would the market have been so volatile? What is clear is that these unpredictable news became a part of the foreign exchange rate changes that cannot be ignored, so that traders, when they see the data given by the government, are judged not by how good or bad this data is in fact, but how good or bad this data is compared to expectations It is because of the news that when studying exchange rate theory, from the 1970s and 1980s when building exchange rate models When the introduction of the ideal expectations of Mussa (Mussa) in 1979 for the first time in the exchange rate model to integrate rational expectations and foreign exchange market as an asset market, which is the news model so now we sometimes see will treat the currency as a country, while before the 1970s the exchange rate was just seen as a single currency supply and demand [news - trading] many traders will be in through the news events But if you trade on news events without research, its actually no different from gambling, and even if you do research, there are often a lot of risks involved due to the uncertainties. Investment and speculation, there is a very important point of judgment: speculation is to buy and sell things you do not understand, investment is to buy and sell things you have some research of course, there are two main types of news: one is on the financial calendar is there, the main concern is the difference between the published data and the expected data, for example, to the ECB benchmark interest rate, if the expected is stable, and the actual data is higher than expected, then the euro against all other currencies will quickly last week another unexpected news event, may be some political time or terrorist activities, this unexpected news event for ordinary traders, there is basically no way to circumvent the [Conclusion]: 1979 Moussa for the first time in the exchange rate model to integrate rational expectations and foreign exchange markets as asset markets, with the first exchange rate news model Later, the exchange rate models now introduce the news factor and for ordinary traders, news events drive trading, if a trader who is new to the industry, to carry out such transactions such as non-farm payrolls data, its risk is very high, equivalent to gambling, and once you profit from it, the probability of this gambling addiction will also be greater, you can avoid these news data trading but, for senior traders You can try to integrate the news into your trading plan, but of course you also need to refer to other trading signals, market conditions, the main trend direction, etc. If it is a single trade for the forex news, it will still be more risky