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The psychology of foreign exchange trading - the mindset when dealing with floating losses

  foreign exchange cashback forex cashbackforexes believe that each trader will encounter, after encountering how to deal with, in what position to deal with forex cashback easy the most appropriate! Combined with my own experience, and you a piece of discussion in fact, when the account floating loss, cashbackforexpip believe that most people will feel depressed mood, feel the mouth blocked panic, as if a large stone in the mouth, always fidgeting, from time to time to see how much more floating loss, there is no less loss! At the same time there is a lot of worry: 1: lets say you set a stop loss, you will be afraid of the market to sweep your stop loss, you are more afraid of sweeping your stop loss after the market and turn back! 2: If you do 100%cashbackforex set a stop loss, you will be worried, if the market has been going on so, how good! 3: Or you think the market may come back, wait and see! 4: Sometimes we ask ourselves, I set the stop loss is now appropriate, to mention the stop loss again? 5: There are times when you see the floating loss so much, simply cut it, save more losses later! The first thing you need to do is to cut it off before you sweep the stop loss! In fact, these ideas are very normal, anyway, these are what I had thought, the mood of the floating loss is the same as everyone else! This is all part of the normal phenomenon of trading! If you do not want to, then you non-human! You are God! There is a floating loss of this situation, our first reaction is to calm down! After calming down, the first thing to do is to analyze again from the new, while giving yourself the question: 1: I single smooth not with the forexcashbackeasy! 2: the trend is correct, the reason for the floating loss in what place? 3: my stop loss in what place, set is not reasonable? 4: stop loss is not reasonable, how do I set, based on which cycle set! A: Determine the trend cycle, determine the next cycle explanation: why ask these first, because the trend is irreversible, unless you are doing ultra-short! As long as the trend is not wrong, anything is good! Of course there are too many ways to determine the trend, you must have your own method of judgment! Another point to note is that you analyze what cycle to use when placing a single, this I must emphasize, because I have made such a mistake before! For example: when I analyze, I use the daily chart analysis of the market, to determine the trend, the single, is based on the hourly entry! Then the account went against my analysis, and the account had a floating loss. Then I went back to analyze and found that the daily chart trend had not changed! The reason for the floating loss appears on the hourly chart, the wave of the market happens to be the hourly bounce, so how would I deal with this problem? Since the trend is correct, then I have to look at my stop-loss settings are reasonable and unreasonable, what I am based on the formulation of the stop-loss, with which cycle to formulate the stop-loss! How much of a stop loss can I afford! After judging, I found that I used the hourly chart to set the stop loss, the stop loss is after the important support resistance! There is a reason for setting your own, and in principle it is correct! Then OK, all you need to pay attention to now is the hourly chart on the line, stick to your principles and just wait patiently! If you sweep the stop loss how to do, that there is no way, swept, that you enter bad, summarize the summary of the reasons! Reorganize, we come back, of course, the mood will certainly have some loss! But you have to know that the speculative industry, there is a loss to earn, must have the courage to face! If you do not even have the courage to do so, then it is better to quit this business before it is too late! If you go through the analysis and find yourself not following the trend, in the hourly chart is simply a bounce made when the market is back to follow the trend of the daily chart, then I would decisively cut off! This is the so-called small trend in line with the big trend! Second: do not look at the cycle, more will be chaos in fact, when floating losses, again to judge the market is very important, because the K-line chart is changing with time, your technical analysis may only be suitable for placing a single time, does not mean that the market in accordance with your walk, appropriate adjustment of their own analysis, is necessary! But one thing to note: that is, do not look at this cycle, and then look at that cycle! Why is that? Because the trend of the large cycle, after all, a large time span (miscellaneous wave less), which has a lot of small trends (miscellaneous wave more), 1 hour has an hour trend, 4 hours has a 4-hour trend, 1 and 4 is not necessarily the same, of course, they and the trend of the large cycle is not necessarily the same, so again, when the analysis, to figure out the principle of your analysis, you do single is based on which small cycle, in line with which large trend! I use an hourly chart under the single, in line with the trend of the daily chart, then well, you analyze the two cycles, do not go to see 5 minutes ah, 4 hours ah and so on other cycles, you analyze more, numerous small trends will make your thinking more chaotic, not good results! Three: eyes do not put on the jumping floating loss often people floating loss, the first thing to look at is to see how much floating loss now, there is no reduction or anything else! Always want to look at that number from time to time! I can tell you that this is the stupidest thing, because I used to make this mistake a lot, in fact, this is to create pressure on yourself! Forcing yourself to be in a bad mood! You may find that when you are in a very happy mood, your trading success rate will also increase, the mood is bad, often make mistakes, the more mistakes the more anxious, the more anxious the more mistakes! Such a cycle, the loss can only be their hard-earned money! So now I dont even look at the floating loss of the account, they have done the single, information they know, so just look at the market, as long as their strategy is right, do not look at the boring numbers! Other symptoms of floating losses may also be, just I can not think of so full for a while, but to sum up the main symptoms of my floating losses are: not following the trend, grabbing the bounce, or messing with the cycle, and one is always eager to see the value of the floating losses! If you also have my symptoms, you might as well do the same as me and try to fix it!