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The qualities of successful traders in foreign exchange

   1, love the 100%cashbackforexvestment forexcashbackeasy love cashbackforexpip the best teacher, because interest generates love, cashbackforex love at the same time generates motivation, and only motivation to make continuous progress for forex cashback easy the best state of mind is quiet, peaceful, market volatility may be violent, but our emotions must be stable love the market first proposed. The most basic idea: is in love with the premise of the market, seriously to summarize, research and analysis combined with practice, which requires time, more patience, good trading cashback forex, the correct trading concept is not so easy to form the need for perception, more need to accumulate with the passage of time 2, the establishment of trading methods traders after a long period of practice and research, analysis, will form their own trading methods. This method must be based on the correct trading concept of their own trading methods, based on this and then form a perfect, systematic trading rules trading method of the establishment, must be suitable for their own personality in the market, with a sense of trading motivation, in most cases, is often wrong Therefore, this requires us to finally find, a mechanical operation of the market trading methods, leaving behind Put aside the human factor and the surrounding environment of the subjective and objective influence, the step-by-step implementation of the trading method 3, easy to participate in trading many traders mistakenly believe that participation in the process of market transactions, the need to pay hard work, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, the so-called hard work refers to the process of forming the method, rather than the process of participating in the transaction, on the contrary, participation in the transaction, the easier the better the two pay is proportional, which is not contradictory hard work refers to the preparatory process before participating in trading to become a good trader, first of all, to study the market, observation, rather than referring to the transaction itself hard work refers to the human concept, creativity, perseverance, motivation, desire and commitment to the spirit, hard work does not refer to the struggle with the market, on the contrary, but the more in line with market trends the easier it is to make money 4, strict capital management has a good trading method and the establishment of The perfect market operation principle is inseparable two related basic factors to establish the perfect market operation principle in the most important part is the formation of a strict capital management system many traders with excellent trading methods, but ultimately because there is no strict capital management risk control system and ultimately to failure 5, the courage to self-restraint in the market advantage of trading methods and strict capital management system after The remaining work is the problem of self-restraint in the actual operation of some foreign successful trading masters, in their success biographies mentioned most is the reason for self-restraint it is the prerequisite for the effective implementation of trading methods and risk control system, why in the premise of self-restraint, the strict implementation of the operating plan made up of a combination of trading methods and risk control system, due to the common tendency of traders to make feel Comfortable trading, and in fact, the more comfortable trading, the greater the risk of self-restraint there is another layer of meaning is that once the results of the transaction is not rational to take responsibility, while learning to think independently and independently again excellent trader you can only absorb his trading ideas, but not feel free to ask his views and opinions on market trends 6, self-confidence combined with patience believe that as long as they can master the above All the essence of the above points, as a trader you believe that you are not too far from success, the rest of the problem is to solve the actual problem from the psychological only when they feel confident, they can go to do transactions 7, and finally concluded that a successful trader needs to have the above conditions, and at the same time he can actually trade to achieve the perfect state of confidence plus patience, I believe that the final success has In front of him all of these brought about by what we call participation in the market trading is perhaps the most measurable value of a steady stream of wealth life is fair to everyone, when you pay night and day after night, will always reach a completely your own required realm worldwide, class is Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan Stanley, Richard Dunnes and other international brokerage or investment banks, have spared no expense to recruit outstanding students Participate in its financial trading training program: experience intensive trading training and gradually release the freedom (risk management) to train its under the continuous and stable profitability of professional traders – high win rate analysis system, money management and mind, behavior and other risk control an excellent (continuous and stable profitability) of the foreign exchange trader, the annual salary can reach tens of millions of dollars