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The reasons for the closure of the position and prevention methods

1, the position forex cashback easy too heavy belongs to the category of excessive trad 100%cashbackforexg This is the main reason for the closure of the position, with a large proportion of the leverage of the heavy underh cashbackforex, the risk resistance is very poor its psychological demons is the rush to get rich, the idea of overnight riches play a role in avoiding the method: is a small amount of light positions, fine water flow for example: 10,000 U.S. forexcashbackeasyllars, with 10 was the leverage, each time the highest open position cashbackforexpip more than 1 mouth, so Risk resistance is more than 900 points, risk degree of about 10% if the heavy position with 100 times the leverage, then open 10 positions, then the risk resistance of less than 100 points, risk degree of more than 90%, like todays British pound a surge of 100 points to the burst may be felt that the position is too light, too slow to make money in fact, the essence of trading money is to make money with compound interest, rather than making money with burst interest on the use of compound interest to make money mode, each person is different, can be summarized in practice to send you a recipe: light position small amount, follow the trend; long flow of water, the accumulation of a small amount of 2, refused to admit mistakes: once the direction of the wrong, can not be decisive, brave but dead resistance, until the position is blown, the life are taken in, only to have to be forced to close the position, not hit the south wall not back, but also the beautiful name: Mings mountain has a tiger, biased to the tiger mountain, manly man, the top of the sky, as if returning is not aware that we came to this cashback forex is to make money, not to the top of the sky, the hero to save the beauty of who will not get along with the money, hit the violent position, no matter what can not stand up to learn to preserve the survival, and then consider how to make money psychological misconceptions. And then consider how to make money psychological misconceptions: good face, vanity prevention methods: keep in mind the phrase, "professional speculators do not need vanity" 3, do not set a stop-loss: everyones words in addition to shouting the word, the most talked about is the stop-loss, but many people still because there is no stop-loss and crashed positions, for the reasons, one is Psychological barriers, and then the technical factors psychological barriers are mainly reflected in the existence of a fluke psychology once the position is opened, no stop-loss, waiting with fear and trepidation, like tying themselves to a car without a brake system, ready to capsize, fluke hope that the price can move in the direction of their open positions but speculation is not gambling, fluke and luck can not always accompany you, to make stable profits The market has its own rules of operation and is not subject to the will of anyone, so the bad trading habit of fluke should be eradicated early in your trading behavior, otherwise the consequences will be endless. It is very good to do, is 8 words: "never regret, push back" never regret is to admonish themselves, hit the stop loss is normal, is the trading process must pay the "cost", because our speculative philosophy is not one-sided pursuit of win rate always do not hit the stop loss is not The normal, unless the gods can do, huh ~ if the gods, what to have what, but also what to speculate on foreign exchange ah push back is to tell themselves, since the stop loss was hit through, indicating that the entry point and stop-loss position has a problem, to seriously identify the crux of the problem, timely summary, calm treatment, in order to benefit from the battle again to the stop-loss position and their own position adjustment combined, but also to combine with their own operating cycle If you do medium-term operations, stop loss slightly enlarged some, generally about 150 points to do short term operations, the average stop loss level of about 40 points to put the money into three parts, a position to try a single, two midway plus code in the specific operation process to use a small amount of money, appropriate short term to move, do not cover the end to combine the technical stop loss and capital stop loss technical stop loss, I generally in the technical stop loss level, and then appropriately relaxed About 10 points capital stop loss, I generally do not exceed 5% of the total funds as a stop-loss level, once the loss exceeds 5% of the alert line, regardless of three or seventy-one, first get out and say 4, frequent in and out, excessive trading: some people because the position is too heavy and violent position, but some people light position small amount also violent position for the reason that frequent in and out, excessive trading "From a psychological point of view is no plan, anxious to turn the capital, under the random single, under the emotion single, and finally get a bad mentality, the odds are very high, like a dull knife cut meat, little by little cut out, violent positions, "frequent in and out, excessive trading", there is a psychological demons is broken self-mutilation tendency, think anyway, also lost into this, what you like, whatever you want to play this and some stockholders are set at high levels and let go of the psychology is the same do not underestimate this self-loathing subconscious trading tendencies, the market is fair The market is fair, even you do not love your own money and every transaction, then the market is not going to give you a good return on the market is cold and ruthless, it specializes in repairing those with their own emotions and hu** easy people professional speculators are often called cold killers is because they are not swayed by emotions, all follow the market, strictly according to the signals issued by the system to trade. The system issued by the signal to trade, while amateur speculators are often emotional, regardless of priorities, a brutal approach to prevent: three consecutive trading errors, to resolutely stop not to make, stop to do something else I strike after adjusting the method is to read the book, memorize the rules of the transaction to read the book, first temporarily do not look at the technical analysis of the book, mainly read some interviews and biographies of trading masters, such as "stock master Memoirs", "master trader" "trading champion" "speculative career" and so on when the loss of frustration disappeared, after the mind calm, and then carefully analyze the charts, to find the reasons for mistakes, try to enter the small single, if the feeling of luck is still very back, to continue to adjust the transaction on things, say a little no luck on the composition, pure nonsense on the luck There are still things, but not the main problem in the human body has a biorhythmic curve, there are peaks and valleys, in the trough, it is best to do less trading mahjong masters start playing tile, there is a "test hand" process, if you feel "bad luck", try to lose less or not to lose if you feel "bad luck". 5, against the market, plus dead code: whenever the market staged short quotes or kill more than the market will blow up many peoples accounts for the reason that it is a dead or dead short, will not be flexible, adjusting to the trend and the more wrong to add code, plus dead code, fantasy one day the price back, to turn defeat into victory The result did not wait until the day of defeat to win, "bullet" early played out, died in the middle of the halfway market neither long, nor short, only slick to survive for a long time to avoid methods: 1 is to strengthen learning, hard practice, improve their technical analysis level 2 is to improve their psychological quality, to strengthen the mind of the training, and strive to do See the analysis of the following chart to tell you how to do "slick" 6, blindly with a single Now many foreign exchange portal or foreign exchange forum on a lot of friends blindly with the bush others "shout single" to operate, no own opinion and lead to a short position than there The reason for this is 1 is not confident in themselves, there are bad trading habits of listening to the news, 2 is a blind worship of the idea of the guru masters are the market predictors, due to the uncertainty of the speculative market, no one can steadily predict the turn of each important market or market fluctuations, the masters are no exception some foreign exchange website "shout orders "The person is not always correct, if a mistake occurs and can not be corrected in time, then blindly follow the single person is easy to lead to a short position to prevent the method: to carefully analyze the operation of the single caller and the way of thinking, think about why he is long or bearish, why to open a position at this price, why to set a stop loss in that position, and their own analysis and judgment where If there is any confusion, ask why. If you have any doubts, you can follow the post and ask the "single shouting" person, I believe that he must get back to his answer once you find the single shouting operation direction and the opposite of the market, do not blindly superstitious and worship, to decisively leave the field In short, as long as you have their own opinion, not blindly follow, improvise, follow the trend, will not go but The situation of the windfall Author: lyl420