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The remarkable William Jahn

In 1819, if you had traveled across Texas as a merchant, you might have bought a newspaper or a pair of cigarillos on a tra 100%cashbackforex from a tall, thin boy, about thirteen years of age W cashbackforexn you talked with fellow travelers about investment matters, you might have noticed that the young man forexcashbackeasy listening intently to your conversation If you had asked If you ask him what forex cashback easy name is, he will tell you that his name is Willy, cashbackforexpip, indeed, he is interested in commodities, that his father is a farmer in Angelina County, and that just about everyone he knows is too, and that they all care about the profit their cotton will bring them. Would he like to farm the land in East Texas? Hed say no, he didnt think so. He wanted to be a trader. Oh! Good luck, little Willie, you might say: one day you might have your own business, or even be famous, who knows? No one can predict the future The young eavesdropper walking back and forth in the aisles of the train was William Delbert Gann (William Delbert Gann) who probably wondered if no one could really predict the future.  On June 6, 1878, cashback forex Gann was born on a farm seven miles from Lufkin, Texas, the oldest of 11 children born to Sam Houston Gann and Susan R. Gann. They were poor, and little Willie attended Lufkin through his third year of elementary school, which required a daily walk of seven miles. Because the work he did on the farm was so important to the family, WD Gann did not graduate from grammar school or attend high school. His religious upbringing as a Baptist as a child may have had something to do with it, as his religious beliefs remained with him throughout his life. A few years later, WD Jahn worked at a brokerage business in Texarkana and attended business night school. In 1903, at the age of 25, WD Jahn moved to New York City, a move that was to be the fate of his life. A most promising career in a Wall Street brokerage firm made a few changes in WD Jahns life. In addition, Macie and Nora lived with their father and were raised by their Irish stepmother. The family moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn, first to BayRidge and then to Flatbush, where WD Jahn reportedly predicted that on November 9, 1918, Kiaiser would abdicate and the war would end. In 1919, at the age of 41, WD Jahn, quit his job and started his own business, which he spent the rest of his life building. Three years later, WD Jahn became a real estate developer and bought a house on Fenimere Street, the site of his Brooklyn home, where he was raised. He was an individualist and an ambitious, hard-working man who independently published Truth in Stock Data through his own Financial Guardian Publishing Company. The book was praised by the Wall Street Journal and has sold well over the years and is considered by some to be the best of many books written by Jahn. elections practically every president since 1904 At the age of 49, WD Jahn wrote what is probably the most unusual book published in 1927, Space Channel, a prophetic novel, and while this is not the type of thing that Wall Street analysts are involved with WD Jahn was one of those This book is probably the best known prophecy of the United States suffering an air raid by Japan and leading to a war between the two powers Through this tunnel, investors may have gotten more or less of a hint that it caused a public outcry and made WD Gann famous. In the 1920s, the market seemed to blatantly defy the laws of nature, but WD Gann believed it would not last forever. Until September 3, then it would reach a high, followed by a drop to an all-time low Now, we all know what happened WD Gann was successful again during the Great Depression, he successfully predicted that the Depression would end in 1932, he bought seats on different commodity exchanges to trade for his own account In 1930, he wrote The Wall Street Stock Picker Method, and in 1936, he In 1930, he wrote "The Stock Trend Market Method" and in 1936, he wrote "The Stock Trend Market Method" Although he was able to maintain accurate forecasts, he also had experiences such as the failed FDR election In Florida, he became interested in the emerging real estate industry (in which he invested new shares) In Miami (Miami), he became a small real estate dealer and owner of a series of stores on the TamiamiTrail He was also a In 1932, he bought a plane so that he could test his forecasts by inspecting crops from the air. He hired Elinor Smith, a famous 21-year-old pilot, to fly him around. A year later, he worked for his father until 1941, when his uncle Sam announced that he had made plans for the young mans life in Europe. Back in Brooklyn, Sadie suffered from health problems for a long time and died in 1942 at the age of 53. In the same year, his book "How to Profit in Commodity Markets" was published. He ran his business in New York and relied on his personal secretary for a long time. age, WD Jahn decided to get married, and he did, to a girl much younger than him After the war, his son John worked at WD Jahns firm in New York for only a short time before leaving to find something that interested him The two of them were very different in their views on proximity to the market John Jahn (JohnLGann) was pursuing a career on Wall Street based primarily on running In 1949, he published 45 Years on Wall Street and sold his business to Joseph Lederer, a student of his, and around the same year he independently sold the rights to all his books to Edward Lambert. Edward Lambert, however, continued to study, teach, and run his business. In 1950, he became an honorary member of the Mark Twain International Association. In 1954, a year after his heart attack, he discovered that his stomach cancer was terminal. In 1995, 40 years after his death, people were still talking about WD Vann and writing books about him and studying him intensely. It is a great tribute to his work that perhaps even WD Gann himself did not anticipate, or perhaps he did? What lessons can we learn from the life of this remarkable man?  First, it is the assertion of the American dream that William Delbert Jahn of Lufkin, Texas, started with nothing. He and his family had no money, no education, and no future. very late, handling his business with exuberant energy In fact, all his education came from self-education As a teacher, writer and prophet of prophecy, he had only a third grade formal education, but he never stopped learning Third, free thinking may have brought its value WD Venns curiosity led to his extraordinary achievements He was not afraid of heretical ideas, whether in the financial markets, or in The same is true in other areas of his life He did not always guarantee to be right, none of us can always be right, but he dared to pursue better ideas Fourth, there must be something that purifies active business As a conservative Baptist, WD Jahn did not smoke, drink, play cards, or dance His demeanor was very serious, a conservative dresser, although he was somewhat in his last years different as he knew the value of a dollar and was very careful in his personal spending Not every prophet of international popularity could continue to live in a modest house in Brooklyn Fifth, faith helped him WD Jahn studied the Bible throughout his life This was his book of books His last book, The Miraculous Word, published in 1950, strongly reflects this devotion to his faith Devotion Finally, is the only lesson I want to boldly offer to traders WD Jahn never stopped studying the market, even after his prophecies began and after he achieved international prestige he believed in cycles, he also knew that the market was always changing and decisions had to be based on what was happening today, not yesterday WD Jahn did not lie on glory, but continued to study and pursue greater recognition