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The seven codes of speculation in foreign exchange

foreign exchange 100%cashbackforex a high-risk forex cashback easy high-reward cashbackforexdustry, many investors are currently involved in speculation in foreign exchange in the face of high-risk forexcashbackeasy, must comply with certain codes, which cashback forex help investors control risk and maintain maximum profit So in the process of speculation in foreign exchange, we should comply with what rules? Lets take a look at it! 1, each time you enter the market to buy and sell, the loss should cashbackforexpip exceed one tenth of the principal We should strictly control our losses each time we trade in foreign exchange, and the maximum amount of loss should not exceed one tenth of the principal In order to be able to control well, when we trade, it is best to set a stop-loss level, so that you can ensure that their losses do not expand 2. Always set a stop-loss level under the stop-loss level, can effectively control investment risk can make foreign exchange investors in the wrong, but also to maintain the capital can again buy and sell operations 3, do not make frequent single is not because of buying and selling and buying and selling, in the relevant expert research to observe the market investor psychology, found that there is a phenomenon: many people will want to buy and sell stocks and go to buy and sell stocks, and their first thought is not I Why do I want to buy and sell stocks? 4, do not let the position to turn a profit into a loss this is easier said than done is not easy in the face of attractive profits, many people still want more, never know enough, to the end of the market top, the price fell step by step, but also hold this is only an adjustment mentality, that the market will be a new high unfortunately things are not what they seem to be, in the end, the profits are not, but also caused losses 5, not Against the trend is not against the market, this should take into account the operating cycle, to be applied is to distinguish between the markets long, medium and short cycle trends, combined with their own operating cycle is long, medium or short For example, if the market is down in the short term, and their own operating cycle is also short-term behavior, then, do not hold long-term 6, have doubts, that is, close the position and leave the market If the operation of their own and the original view of the If you have doubts about your own operations and original views, then this mentality will seriously affect the investors operational decisions, and so on, can only cause investment mistakes 7, only in the active market trading only active market, to have the opportunity to obtain a good profit, but also can cause the loss of capital opportunities but only an active market, the capital in and out very easy