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The Story of Asiagunda The Unity of Heaven and Man

100%cashbackforex following cashbackforexpip a transcript of the Q&A between the author forex cashback easy Asiagunda, with the author asking the questions and Asiagunda answering them cashbackforex You have a very impressive track record over the years, why dont people from the investment community flock to join?  A: No, I often receive requests to join the fund, but I seldom accept new accounts Q: Business comes to the door, but also refused to ignore?  A: The mutual understanding between the forexcashbackeasy and the owner is the only way to cooperate happily, so for new clients who request to join, we must investigate carefully and accept only when we think it is suitable Q: What are the main points of the review?  A: Mainly the clients attitude towards the management of the fund, in fact, the relationship between the manager and the client is very delicate, if the client is too concerned about short-term gains and losses, it will affect the performance of the fund manager Q: In other words, the client should look at the long-term income A: Yes, if the client can fully support my way of buying and selling to measure the profit and loss over a longer period of time, you can do what you want, and naturally get twice the result with half the effort Q: At the beginning How many clients participated at the beginning?  A: About six to seven, in the early 1970s. Q: How many of the initial group of clients are still in the relationship?  A: Four. Q: What are the profits and losses of the accounts that have been closed?  A: One of the clients won $15 million and felt satisfied. After withdrawing the money, he bought and sold another client and made $10 million profit and decided to retire and buy a property in a seaside area to enjoy the garden Q: What helped you design the first program trading cashback forex?  A: The five-day and 20-day average crossover system and his weekly trading system were my inspirations and in fact, I owe a lot to Tang Chi Yan for my success today.  A: Yes, the five-day and 20-day average crossover theory is the main basis, slightly modified, the calculation method to deal with the EMA method Q: Why not use the traditional method of calculation?  A: The EMA calculation method is simpler and has a lower chance of error, the first buying and selling system is based on averages but each speculator will have his or her own unique character, so the buying and selling strategy must be modified according to the material Q: Before the changes, can you and the original system complement each other A: The original buying and selling system is extremely simple but does not allow transgressions, so there are often personal I was very confused by the contradiction between my personal inspiration and the computers signals.  A: The modified computer program trading system incorporates the trading rules of outstanding speculators and is reliable enough to work with me.