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The trading techniques of the range edge intervention method

trad cashback forexg techniques of the range: cashbackforex intervention cashbackforexpip Many times the same market analysis, or even the same entry position but bring different profit forex cashback easy loss results mainly because of the forex traders in the actual operation of the techniques adopted by the major differences Therefore, in this chapter and the next few chapters, we focus on the introduction of some very practical trading techniques We 100%cashbackforex teach the edge Intervention method of this trading method of market movement as a large box of back and forth fluctuations, although do not know the value of the pivot, but can roughly understand the value of the edge, that is, the price deviation from the value of the maximum limit range through the previous high or low, and other methods we can find these more important key support and forexcashbackeasy positions so in the exchange rate down to the support position to enter the long, stop loss on this Support position under; in the exchange rate rose to the resistance position to enter the short, stop loss placed in the resistance position above the edge intervention method, to see the position to do a single as the main idea, which is a support and resistance to control the risk reward rate and win rate method edge intervention method to find the edge of the method is mainly divided into the fundamental and technical two categories fundamental class edge intervention method of the great master is Soros, technical class edge intervention method of the The first step in the technical edge intervention method is to find resistance above the current price and support below the current price. If we consider the risk-reward volatility, we recommend the daily and 4-hour support resistance on the line to do edge intervention Support resistance to find the method has been covered earlier, now combined with the back of the interval city trading form to talk about the first line of the form about trading currency pairs, time levels and trading hours, which we should all know what is going on Table 4-1 "the first "is mainly we need to find the main support resistance position, that is, the edge of the big box, these edges mainly rely on the price and indicators of the divergence, the previous dense area, the previous top and bottom, the previous similar reversal area of the symmetrical relationship and the golden mean position, Fibonacci magic position and the previous days closing pattern on the hint of todays trend, etc. to determine to find the first After setting a stop-loss position outside of this position, and a distance outside of the stop-loss position to set the reverse operation position, and at the same time to set a simple stop-win target for the reverse operation, this is the "second position" when the first entry single than neodymium smooth development, you need to pay attention to the two first position between the intermediate support resistance position, these positions These positions are weaker than the first one, so you can reduce your position in these positions according to the candle pattern. Ideally, it is better for the single to arrive from the first one to the first one.