forex cashback easy

This is how I got started in forex and definitely not like most traders!

forex cashback easy read a cashbackforexpip article before that the five stages of forex trading are about th 100%cashbackforex cashbackforex this and this, please read the "five stages of top traders" for more details, but I took a very different path I took a "shortcut" at the beginning, I did not start by applying for a demo account and then all kinds of MA, RSI, CCI indicators to test. I didnt start by applying for a demo account and then testing various MA, RSI, CCI indicators, nor did I learn various forexcashbackeasydlestick patterns, nor did I draw a screen full of waves, Fibo, trends, RS lines I started by subscribing to someone elses account in MQL5 and made a lot of money in two months, enough to buy an iPhone 4, yes, the iPhone 4 was the latest generation of iPhone and then the signal blew up Then I learned that the signal provider is using the Martin strategy martingale right ah, that year to take the "shortcut", even Martin can not tell the difference is still there to calculate the January earnings 30%, a year compound interest is 23 times really tooyoungsometimesnaive. and then you Then you think I started to read all kinds of books, such as "Japanese candle technical chart", "trading psychological analysis" and so on and so forth? I started to learn mql programming and then write my own trading program (if you want to learn to program yourself, it is still recommended to learn C, C++), that is, cashback forex (expertadvisor) which has many benefits first I can quickly understand a trading system of others, what are its entry conditions, what is the way to manage money, what are the filter conditions understand a After understanding a trading system and writing it as an EA, I can quickly verify and test it, greatly improving my learning and understanding of the systems efficiency Secondly, it is to assist me in trading everything with an idea, such as writing a dashboard to manage 28 pairs of currency pairs, write a small EA to close positions, write a custom currencystrencthmeter, no need to ask people, they can quickly write it Then extremely convenient for their own trading or what they have a trading ideas, minutes to write an EA and then get test data can come to analyze the third well, EA naturally or sold a lot of money so, I write EA while once back to babypips (forex basics website  English website, need some English reading ability) and then solidify their theoretical basics at the same time, forexfactory above the post I am one after another to see three years once there was a post I actually looked at two months in a row now the most active above those trading systems I am basically more familiar with, there are a lot of places worth learning now I will still go to see the post every day to continue to learn and improve Finally, foreign exchange newcomers want to start that is really super simple about two days it one day you go to learn the basic course above babypips, do not understand the concept then Baidu or Google, the next day you find a foreign exchange dealer to open a demo account under a few single basic you get started if you can find one or two EA hanging on a run familiar with a better recommended some foreign exchange Introductory books, you can search and download in the home of foreign exchange ea ( or you can find the relevant foreign exchange books in the foreign exchange eBooks section of the Foreign Exchange Academy:.