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To work on the classic MACD indicator

  MACD formula cashbackforexpipdicator cashbackforex the most classic of all stock analysis software inside a formula, the correct use of this indicator, by combining K-line (daily K-line, weekly K-line), individual stock movements, volume, the general market trends, positive forex cashback easy negative news, etc. basically you can achieve a profit target of 2% per week, at most there are KDJ indicators  I want to introduce a stock selection method mainly from the MACD, the indicator is the use of long-term (MACD), short-term (DIF) two smoothed dissimilar moving averages, and calculate the difference between the two (DIF-MACD) as the length of the red and green column data, the use of the main consideration of long and short-term moving averages of the crossover and the length of the red and green column values, as a basis for judging the market buying and selling, but In the actual use of stockholders may feel that if you buy exactly in accordance with the golden forexcashbackeasy, dead fork sell, it is more difficult to profit or there may be a hedge loss, therefore, here I suggest that you can use a low two golden fork buy method MACD in the low level of the first golden fork, the stock price in more cases up limited, or a small increase after a large pullback, resulting in a hedge loss of stockholders to buy the situation but when MACD in the low level of the second golden fork, the probability and magnitude of the stock price rise will be greater because the indicator after the first golden fork occurred after a small pullback, and the formation of a dead fork, at this time the short side seems to have taken the initiative again, but in fact is already the end of the strong, so that the second golden fork in the indicator, is bound to cause multiple forces to attack Open the k-line first indicator, is considered by most people The most useless indicator is the only excellent indicator for seeking short-term buying and selling points! After my 2.5 years of practice, the accuracy rate of more than 98%, I have used in the real world so far without fail. parameters set fast ema12, slow ema26 use method: with the stock price rise macd turn red, that is, the white line through the yellow line (do not buy), followed by the stock price fall, dif (white line) to macd (yellow line) close, when the white line and the yellow line bond (to turn green not turn green), this time only with the daily k line can be, when this k line has a stop signal, such as: closing sun, cross star, etc.. (Note that in the upcoming white and yellow glued when you want to start to stare at the disk enclosure, observe the sellers power), if this can be stopped for the bottom of the backstop. Bottom backward is the best time to buy!  Conversely, when the stock price high fall, macd green, rebound again, at this time when the dif (white line) and macd (yellow line) bonding [to become red not become red] if blocked, such as the receipt of Yin, cross stars, etc., it is possible that the top backward is the last good opportunity to sell! At this point many people think to regain the uptrend, in others the best selling point to buy often set which But in the operation should pay attention to: a. backtracking ignore whether to break through or break through the previous high (low) b. high when as long as there is a top backtracking may generally be sold, do not fight to turn red again, unless the big sun or stop. c. its a good means of finding short-term buying and selling points, short-term range of more than 15%, but the medium-term trend to combine long-term patterns and other