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Trading is a relationship with certainty

Why do you see the right th cashbackforexpipg cashbackforex do not do it right? Why do not make money or even lose money? Why forex cashback easy the 100%cashbackforex always lost? Why does a big meal only get a bite of soup? Why is it easy to lose and hard to earn? Why does trading always make people suffer? Because you can not do cashback forex your certainty is not certain to do trading is to fall in love with certainty certainty is a woman with the desire to conquer and be conquered, full of temptation and danger you can control, conquer her, she kissed in your chest a "earn", in your back rub out a "cool "If you cant control and conquer her, she will control and abuse you, carving a "loss" on your chest and scratching a "pain" on your back, giving you hell to conquer certainty, at least, you should master the following Principle to determine the inclusion of day-to-day mixed wave certainty critical point where? The certainty of the market is mainly expressed as the continuity of the market take a single, out of the certainty must be quantified as a forexcashbackeasy - stop-loss line or stop-gain line in the stop-loss line, stop-gain line, the market to maintain its continuity, hold chips to rise (futures including down) breakthrough stop-loss line, stop-gain line, the market continuity disappears, out of the stop-loss line, stop-gain line is located where? Set in the certainty of the critical point on the certainty of the critical point in which? In the pressure and support levels on the pressure and support levels is the repeated game of money in the plate precipitated, is the mainstream of the market capital defensive line to hold, the market continues, can not hold, the point is broken, the market continues to disappear pressure and support levels in which? In the main trend of the day miscellaneous waves and secondary folding intersection of the place according to Dow theory, the market trend is divided into: the main trend, secondary folding, day miscellaneous waves in the world there is no straight road, trading is the same any market, even the most fluid trend market, there will be twists and turns according to its magnitude, and the impact on the main trend of the market certainty, divided into two kinds: day miscellaneous waves: the magnitude is relatively small, is the main trend of the development of the market Secondary folding: relatively large amplitude, at least temporarily, is the main trend of the market development process of non-normal fluctuations, at least temporarily undermine the certainty of the market at least temporarily, is at least in the present and after a relatively long period of time certainty critical point is in the daytime waves and secondary folding intersection of the daytime waves and secondary folding a point apart, the point side is their own The situation and response: daytime miscellaneous waves do not cross the critical point, tossed back and forth within the critical point, the main trend of the market continues, take a single certainty disappears and response: daytime miscellaneous waves break through the critical point, after the breakthrough, at least temporarily probability will not return to the other side of the point, secondary folding appears, leaving the field, not involved in consolidation (later will talk about a principle: not involved in consolidation) certainty is not Inclusion of daytime miscellaneous waves, system paralysis stop-loss line, stop-loss line is the boundary of certainty, the main two functions: First, the inclusion of daytime miscellaneous waves daytime miscellaneous waves are random and uncertain, is easy to be manipulated by the main capital, is the market temptation traders to frequent emotional trading of the main tool, is the main battlefield of the wrong trade, the main position of loss generation and daytime miscellaneous waves within the deterministic threshold fluctuations, do not destroy So we always find that we have seen the right, into the field, stop loss, and into, and stop loss, repeatedly in and out, has been unable to keep up, but also lost, and the market has been in the expected development of this is the daytime miscellaneous wave "credit" root cause is that your stop loss is not scientific, too small, located within the deterministic threshold, that The scientific stop-loss line, stop-loss line, must be located in the deterministic critical point, inclusive of daytime fluctuations only stop-loss line, stop-loss line inclusive of daytime fluctuations, in order to see the right, do the right, keep up with the market, in order to pay a smaller price, to fight the possible larger profits deterministic not inclusive of daytime fluctuations, any trading system will be paralyzed stop-loss line, stop-gain line of the second The second function of the stop-loss and take-profit lines is to exit the line This function is familiar to everyone, not to say more