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What will be the impact of the US dollar interest rate hike on the RMB

The RMB cashbackforexpip currently 100%cashbackforex the process of internationalization, the number of overseas holdings of the RMB is increasing, in this case, the cashbackforex has the pressure to appreciate, the RMB forex cashback easy have the pressure to depreciate We expect cashback forex the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates several times this year, which means that the dollar assets will remain a sought-after allocation option in the future, forexcashbackeasy capital from various countries will have the tendency to buy dollar assets, so it will also bring pressure on Chinas capital flows But we should also see that Since the end of 2014, the U.S. dollar interest rate hike has been delayed but the expectations continue to ferment in the market, in the process, the dollar has appreciated a lot, compared to the euro, the yen and other depreciation, the performance of the yuan is relatively strong at the same time, some countries have basically finished repaying their short-term dollar debt, the debt repayment period is often a time when the local currency is under great pressure, but with the basic repayment of short-term debt, leaving other debt The same is true for China, where the pressure of RMB depreciation was so great in the second half of 2015 to the beginning of 2016 that many companies that had borrowed foreign debt in USD were able to return it quickly in the short term. There may be a phase adjustment after this interest rate hike, the future is likely to be a phase adjustment, other currencies rebound, the dollar has fallen back to the dollar interest rate hike, first of all, this is a tightening monetary policy, the implementation of this monetary policy, part of the liquidity of the market will be close to the central bank, and then through housing loans and other forms of circulation to enterprises, to promote the development of enterprises, while improving the per capita income, will promote the overall economic development to the good The mutual liquidity of the market capital increases, the enterprise activity capital becomes more, the citizens saving interest becomes bigger, the per capita income generally rises, driving the overall economic level to improve the natural appreciation of the U.S. dollar The impact of the U.S. dollar interest rate hike on the RMB exchange rate: first of all, we must understand that the U.S. dollar and the RMB exchange rate is basically inversely related, the U.S. economy is in good shape will already make the dollar appreciate, if the implementation of interest rate hikes, the dollar will appreciate significantly, then the RMB will At the same time, domestic treasury funds will also flow out to funds, stock market and other investments to preserve the value of treasury funds outflow, resulting in the devaluation of the RMB at the same time, for some people with financial consciousness naturally caused the impact on the bank and a smaller income products, will consider the degree of devaluation and change to another better value of financial products, bank funds reduced, corporate funds Of course, at this time China will also introduce corresponding policies to cope with this, but the policy will not generally benefit the economy and peoples livelihood, which is a common phenomenon in recent years, the state will only ensure that state-owned enterprises and banks and other enterprises and institutions under the jurisdiction of the government, so once it is determined that the dollar interest rate increase, to consider is how to ensure that their funds are not affected by the devaluation