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Zhu Fan the coffee shop owner who speculates on foreign exchange with a no-loss mentality has made profits

In Zhu Fans small coffee shop, the young man used a story to talk to reporters about speculat cashbackforexpipg on 100%cashbackforex cashbackforex Zhu Fan, who entered the foreign exchange market after studying abroad, has four or five years of experience in speculating on foreign exchange so far, 10,000 U. forexcashbackeasy. dollars into the market, and now the profits are "more sat forex cashback easyfactory to me" At present, the volatility of the cashback forex exchange rate The risk is increasing, the exchange rate "rise and fall, flexibility to enhance" the trend further appear, the yuan against the dollar is in the fluctuation of appreciation So, foreign exchange investors choose whether to settle the foreign exchange?  "This is the opportunity to invest in the foreign exchange market," said Zhu Fan, "If you are holding the U.S. dollar, you can properly buy non-U.S. currencies, in such a unilateral market, you hold the euro or pound midway, as opposed to holding the U.S. dollar, converted to RMB, your currency appreciation is more obvious; if you start with the original If you start with the original investment currency is non-US currency, in such a one-sided market will make a lot of money to the euro, for example, in July 2005 when the domestic exchange rate reform, the euro to RMB exchange rate in the vicinity of 9.8822, the recent euro to RMB exchange rate has risen to about 10.41 relative to the depreciation of the U.S. dollar and Hong Kong dollar against the RMB, the euro against the RMB, in turn, appreciated 5.4 percent of the European Central Bank will continue to raise interest rates is expected to become Zhu Fan has an experts attitude, however, he said in a tone of the past, "the first thing to do is to be calm, do not first consider how much you can make a transaction, you should first consider how much you lose, and develop an effective trading plan to make stable profits". At the end of the last century, Zhu Fan went to Europe to study "at that time, parents directly to the bank with RMB for U.S. dollars, I feel very distressed, the black market price is higher than this, but there is no way" So, Zhu Fan began to get involved in speculation in foreign exchange Just entered the market is desperately learning a variety of analysis methods, what trend line, average, MACD, KDJ, RSI, Gann, wave The first time he started to learn all kinds of analysis methods, such as trend lines, SMA, MACD, KDJ, RSI, Gann, wave, all learned, think that the analysis is right, which will have no money? Even whimsical: the daily volatility of the pound reached about 160 points, do not catch more, catch 40 points, wrong stop loss of 40 points while doing the opposite of 80 points, a month is not doubling the funds? A year down tuition will not come back? Eventually or the capital paid tuition "after a series of blood lessons, came up with now the experience is, do not predict the direction, hold after the single, to the stop-loss (or stop-win) level exit, rest and watch, re-choice the direction - adhere to the original direction or backhand" "Now I do foreign exchange is basically. First explore, then follow, if you feel good, then follow up if the market is not good, I will be at the right time, with the right amount of money to do the reverse operation, to make up for all the losses Of course, learning is indispensable, collect as much information as possible, check the progress of the single on time look at the charts and news, and then check whether the stop-win point to reach or whether you are ready to exit" he said with a smile, which is also Its not a great idea, the key word is "stable"! "Because I have set a good stop loss and stop win beforehand, so I work without worrying about being eaten up by the market" Of course, in addition to "steady", it is also essential to calculate Zhu Fan said, as other ways to make money, investors can also consider using foreign exchange Deposit to profit, to November 27, 2006 RMB exchange rate, 10000 U.S. dollars = 78402 yuan, 78402 yuan one-year deposit maturity, net of interest tax, the actual earnings of 1580.58 yuan 10000 U.S. dollars one-year earnings net of interest tax is 352 U.S. dollars, converted into RMB, earnings of 2759.75 yuan  "After all, investing in foreign exchange is not the only thing I do, I have more important things to do, which is to open my own coffee shop" Zhu Fans main idea is to have his own chain brand